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Nov 20


How Low Can You Go…

Vanguard Group is lowering the minimum amount customers need to invest to get a price break on more than three dozen of its funds. The move by the $5.3 trillion indexing giant comes as it pushes to lure investors at a time when asset managers are coming under pressure to slash the costs of funds. Starting this week, Vanguard will lower the minimum investments for its admiral shares to $3000 from $10,000 for 38 index mutual funds. The funds make up the majority of Vanguard’s index funds available to individual investors and include some of the industry’s largest stock and bond index funds. Vanguard became the world’s second-largest asset manager after BlackRock Inc. by launching some of the cheapest funds in the industry.


Carlos Ghosn, one of the world’s best-known chief executives and current head of Nissan has been arrested and fired from his role as chairman of the board. The moves come after an internal investigation found he underreported his income by $44 million and engaged on other “significant misconduct”. Ghosn’s downfall could threaten the future alliance between Nissan, France’s Renault, and Japan’s Mitsubishi that Ghosn had sought to make permanent. Renault, which owns more than 40 percent of Nissan and which Ghosn also serves as CEO, has called a board meeting today to decide what measures it will take. Ghosn is a household name in Japan, where he’s considered a business superstar and even earned a manga comic book about his life. Ghosn has been credited for saving Nissan from bankruptcy through strategic moves like the Renault deal and cost cutting.

Asia: Asian shares closed lower Tuesday as investors reacted to news of Nissan’s CEO being arrested.
Europe: European markets closed lower on Monday, amid lingering uncertainty surrounding the U.K.’s future relationship with the European Union.
U.S: U.S. markets tumbled on Monday after a report that Apple was cutting back on orders from suppliers escalated investors fear the economy is slowing down. DJIA: -395.78 25017.44 NASDAQ: -219.40 7028.48 S&P: -45.54 2690.73

Word of The Day:
Capital Markets:

The markets for buying and selling equity and debt instruments. Capital markets bring together suppliers of cash such as retail and institutional investors, and users of capital like businesses, governments, and individuals.

Dinner or Drink:
Bourbon Cider Cocktail

1 part Maker’s Mark® Bourbon
1 tsp to 1 tbsp. Sugar
2 dashes Bitters
3 parts Hard Cider, Dry
Garnish with Cherry, Maraschino
In a champagne glass, stir together the sugar and the bitters until the sugar dissolves. Add Maker’s Mark® Bourbon. Top with cold cider. Garnish with a cherry and slice of orange.


Nov 16



Shares of Nordstrom plunged after the company announced during its earnings call, it overcharged client credit card accounts and nixed its original third quarter earnings projections. According to the company, it took a $72 million write down as a result of incorrectly charging higher interest rates to customers that were delinquent. The company has fixed the issues, which drove the company’s net income down 39 cents per shares for the three months that ended November 3rd. Sales at stores open for a year were up 2.3 percent overall beating Wall Street estimates. Shares of Nordstrom fell more than 11 percent in aftermarket trading.

Lights,Camera, Actions…

Apple has entered in a multi-year agreement with entertainment company A24 to create produce films for the company. The movie deal comes as Apple is ramping up its production of original content. The company plans to give away free movies and TV show to device owners sometimes next year. A24 has been a critics favorite, releasing several Academy Award-winning films including “Room”, “Amy”, and “Moonlight”, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actor. Other individuals and companies slated to produce content for the upcoming Apple offering include Oprah, Sesame Workshop and a reboot of “Amazing Stories,” which will be produced by Steven Spielberg and Bryan Fuller.


Asia: Asian markets closed mixed on Friday, on the back of fresh uncertainties after multiple important ministers resigned from Prime Minister Theresa May’s government.
Europe: European shares closed down after the U.K Brexit minister resigned his post putting more pressure on Teresa May.
U.S: U.S. markets closed higher on Thursday after U.S. trade representative said new China tariffs were on hold. DJIA: +208.77 25289.27 NASDAQ: +122.64 7259.03 S&P: + 28.63 2730.20

Word of The Day:

Quick Ratio

An indicator of a company’s short-term liquidity. The quick ratio measures a company’s ability to use its most liquid assets to meet its short-term obligations.

Dinner or Drink:

Ambrosia Cocktail

3 navel oranges, peeled and sectioned

1 red grapefruit, peeled and sectioned

1/2 fresh pineapple, peeled, cored, and cut into cubes

1 1/2 tablespoons orange liqueur or orange juice

1/4 cup turbinado sugar

1 (750-milliliter) bottle sparkling rosé wine

1/2 cup frozen grated coconut, thawed and toasted

8 maraschino cherries

1. Toss together oranges, grapefruit, and pineapple; set aside.

2. Pour orange liqueur into a shallow saucer. Dip rims of 8 glasses in liqueur; dip rims in sugar, and let stand 30 minutes to dry completely.

3. Spoon fruit mixture evenly into glasses. Add rosé wine, filling three-fourths full; top with grated coconut and cherries. Serve immediately.

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