In The News:

New At The Helm Zynga hired Don Mattrick, Microsoft’s Xbox Chief, to replace founder Mark Pincus. Zynga has been struggling amid lowering stock prices, layoffs, and a steady stream of senior executive exits. Pincus, will stay on with the company as its Chairman, Chief Product Officer, and holder of 61% of voting rights. That should make for some interesting Board meetings…

You’re a keeper… That’s what Disney told its CEO, Bob Iger when they offered him a new contract through June 30, 2016. Iger’s tenure hasn’t been a smooth one.  He has made it through the fight to split the roles of CEO and Chairman, compensation criticism and was previously going to vacate his position as CEO on April 1, 2015. Guess it true… Disneyland where your dreams can come true.

You’re in T-R-O-U-B-L-E… The Troika (aka the bailout police) has told Greece it has three days to show it can meet all bailout conditions or it doesn’t get its next batch of rescue loans. The Troika has the power to refuse to transfer the full amount or break the 8.1 billion euro amount into three monthly payments. Seem the Troika is a little pooped at Greece over its reform efforts.

Strike.. The San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transit System came to halt Monday as workers went on strike after contract negotiations over the weekend stalled. Bay area commuters were stuck like Chuck some waiting hours for transportation to carry them through their daily lives.

TV in the clouds… Southwest will begin offering free live television on its flights. The carrier struck a deal with Dish to provide the TV’s in exchange for Dish advertising through passenger’s entire experience.

Private Piano… Kohlberg & Co, the private equity firm, has agreed to buy Steinway Musical Instruments for $438 million or $35 a share.  The deal will help the piano maker gain recognition in places like Brazil, China, and Russia.

In The Markets:

Asia: Asian markets closed higher in their trading session. A weaker Yen helped boost exports stocks.

Europe: Europe closed higher Monday. Up beat Eurozone employment numbers helped investors digest record high unemployment in the region.

US: US Markets gained positive grounds Monday on better economic data.  DJIA: +65.36 14974.96, Nasdaq: +31.24 3434.49  S&P 500: +8.68 1614.96.

 In Dinner or Drink:

We choose a drink to help Disney CEO, Bob Iger, celebrate his new contract.

Mickey Mouse

1/2 pint bitter
1/2 pint lager

First pour in the lager then the bitter.

If the bitter is a smooth flow type, the drink is more easily poured if the nozzle of the bitter tap is removed first, and then poured.

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In The Markets:






DJIA: +65.36 14974.96                          Nasdaq: 3434.49 +31.24   S&P 500: +8.68 1614.96