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Jan 28

In The News:

I Luv International…

Southwest Airlines (LUV) announced on Monday that it is expanding beyond the continental United States with flights to the Caribbean beginning July 1. The airline began selling tickets for flights to Aruba, the Bahamas and Jamaica from Atlanta, Baltimore and Orlando – all current routes of AirTran Airways, which Southwest bought in 2011. [Continue reading...]

Aug 9

In The Markets:

China Rebounds:

In China, July was a great month to be in the export or import business.  Exports were up 5.1% and imports were up 10.9%.   These increases are a possible sign that the world’s #2 economy is stabilizing following last year’s slowdown.

Go, Fannie, Go:

Fannie Mae, the mortgage behemoth, reported a $10.1 billion dollar profit during the second quarter, nearly double what it earned a year ago.   This is their sixth straight quarter reporting profits. Rising home prices have helped the company create a rainy day fund and will allow it to make a $10.2 billion dollar payment to the Treasury Department in September.   To date Fannie Mae has paid back $41.1 billion dollars of the $71.3 billion it borrowed from tax payers in 2008. [Continue reading...]

Jul 24

In The News:


Purchase Power:

Cisco has agreed to buy Cypersecurity Firm Source Fire for $2.7 Billion.  Why drop billions for a small company? Two major reasons, first the growing demand for cybersecurity and second, Ciscos’ desire to expand their footprint outside of its traditional hardware business.

You Got Curve:

LG and Samsung will start selling curved TV’s in the US this week. The new TV’s will have concave screens which are touted to give the viewer a more immersive viewing experience, as the image wraps around to the viewer’s periphery. Your immersive viewing experience will run you at least $15,000; products will be available at select Best Buy stores nationwide. [Continue reading...]

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