Our mission is to take the “intimidation” out of the world of business and global financial markets.

How we do that…

1. We publish a Daily Digest summarizing global financial events that have occurred in the last 24 hours: the “Before 24″.  As is in life, everything that happens in the prior 24 affects your next 24.

We listen to all the “boring” programs and read various financial and business papers from the last 24 hours. Then we take all that information, boil it down to a daily, digestible recap written in a simple, easy and fun format for you to read and take with you.

Each Daily Digest has three sections.

In the News: provides “Need to Know Nuggets”, several stories we believe are most important. They can be your secret weapon to feeling “smarter” when you need to start a conversation at a dinner party/date, with your mate, on a job interview, or if you’re just looking to impress your boss. Take them with you to use however they fit into your day.

In The Markets: is your recap of the global markets in the last 24 hours summed up in a one or two sentence summary.  Since the markets all build on each other we have included Asian, European, and the US markets.

In Dinner or Drink : We like to end on a positive note by selecting a dinner or drink each day that corresponds to a headline found in the news. It’s just our delicious way of helping you remember what you just read.

2. We provide Resources. Because we couldn’t just give you an easy to read daily digest and then leave you hanging with a bunch of big words and foreign ideas we created.

Under the Resources tab you will find:

AJ Articles: Brief articles on topic chosen by you, our readers.  Articles like “Who the hell are all these peeps” and “Dark Pool”–not just the local swimming hole. We designed these articles to give you an introduction into topics that affect the global markets. They are not designed to give you every little detail; instead they’re samplings, giving you either enough to be dangerous or pique your interest to go learn more.

Glossary: Because those big words are sometimes complicated, we created a glossary to help you navigate through the sea of acronyms and strange new words.

Ask AJ: Have you ever  had questions about the markets or financial terminology and you either didn’t know who to ask or were kind of embarrassed to ask your partner, bff,  or financial professional?  We created Ask AJ ‘cause there are no stupid questions here at Before 24. AJ is the world smartest and cutest black lab ever.  After years of watching foreign exchange trading at the crack of dawn, all other forms of boring programs and  falling asleep listening to CNBC each night, my “child” has learned all about the world of business and financial markets.  We believe in sharing info, and we post your Ask AJ questions and answer them all under the Ask AJ tab.

Term of the week: Since you our readers help to create this site, we created a place where you could submit terms you want to know. Members can submit a term they have either wanted to know what it meant or learn more about it , we pick a couple, answer them, and we post them to the tab and the glossary.

3. Contact Us/Suggestions Box- Do you have a comment, suggestions, or want us to do something better? Let us know by using the Contact Us/Suggestion Box found under the About Tab.

What can you expect from us….

  • A simple, easy to read and digest recap of global financial and business stories published every day (except market holidays) by 8am CST.
  • A place to go that is simple and comfortable, where you can learn about the global financial business and not feel like everyone is smarter than you are.
  • Support and Resources to help you in your quest of learning something new.
  • As a rule, we do not provide stock tips, recommendations, chart analysis, technical analysis or market commentary. Go chat up your financial adviser, instead.