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Who: Asian Markets

What: Nikkei +215.96 11,369.12   Most Asian Markets were closed today for the Chinese New Year celebration.

But Why? Despite being one of the only Asia Markets open today, the Nikkei added to its recent rally. Exports again led the rally as the Yen continues to weaken against the US Dollar. Comments from prospective Bank of Japan Governor Haruhiko Kuroda saying he is open to further easing this year caused the Yen to weaken against both the US Dollar and Euro.

OH No you didn’t.. North Korea has confirmed they tested a nuclear missile early this morning.

Who: European markets

What:Euro Stoxx 500 -7.69 2622.61

But Why? European markets closed in the red on Monday as investors took profits, a major European drug company coped with rejection and worries about what drama was going on in the Euro zone Finance Meeting.

Sorry Charlie, no better living through chemistry for you..Novo Nordisk share plunged 13 percent Monday. The shares took their  worst fall in four years on the announcement its new insulin drug will be required to supply additional test before U.S. regulators will give their stamp of approval. The potential approval process could last several years and threaten the company’s long-term financial picture.

Shall we dance, Cyprus.. One of the many topics on the agenda of euro-zone finance ministers, currently meeting  in Brussels, a proposal for an aid package for Cyprus. Making this a bit more tricky  Cyprus  has a large exposure to Greece’s banking and financial sectors. Despite the risk, Eurogroup Chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem, commented Monday work would continue towards drawing up an aid package. Stressing however, no final decisions would be happening until March after the country had their general elections.

Who: US Markets

What: Dow – 21.73 13971.24   Nasdaq -1.37 3192.00  S&P 500 15147.01 -0.92

But Why? US Markets lost some ground on Monday. Investors seemed to be hang out on the sidelines as they took some profits and anxiously waited for the President’s State of the Union. Investors and most Americans will be watching  Tuesday  as President Obama makes his state of the union address.  Many are hoping the speech will  provide hints how a budget deal may be reached and what his potential plans for future economic recovery will be.

Crackberry.. We’re going to have to give you up.. Home Depot announced today it would swap out 10,000 blackberry and replacing them with I-Phones.

You sold what?? Google’s Executive Chairman Eric Schmidt sold 42% of his share of Google recently. The sale could net him $2.5 billion. Wall Street had mixed reviews what this the Google big picture. One half believes Schmidt when he said he need the money for his next big adventure. The other half believe it doesn’t bode well for confidence in Google. It could have been worse if Google current CEO or other exec had sold their shares.