In The News:
Jobs Friday! Job’s Friday didn’t disappoint . According to the NFP ( Non Farm Payroll) report released on Friday, the US adding 195K in June vs.the 165K jobs added that were estimated. The Unemployment rate stayed unchanged at 7.6 while, hourly wage went up 0.4% in June vs. 0.1% in May.

Let the Talks begin: Europe and the US will officially begin free trade talks on Monday after almost two years of preparations. If everything goes well the talks could produce the world’s largest free-trade agreement. The agreements could cause a boost to Europe’s economies by an estimated $100 Billion a year. But wait… there are a couple of hurdles to get past, like that nasty little NSA spying issue and a long running dispute over Airbus and Boeing subsidies.

Reforming Brits: George Osborne, UK Finance Minister, will reportedly give his OK to most of the reforms the Parliament Committee on Banking will suggest to help raise the standards at the country’s banks. Some of the reforms include managing a bank recklessly gets you charged with a crime and easier claw back of bonuses.

Ops We Missed.. Samsung reported it expects to miss on earning for Q2 after sales of its Galaxy S4 fell way short. Despite Galaxy S4 hitting the 10 Million units sold mark in May. Could this mean saturation of the smartphone market is official? hmmmm

Unexpectedly worse… what you could say about Friday’s German Factory orders. German Factory orders dropped 1.3% for the second month in a row. Why is this important… Germany, one of the countries thought to propel Eurozone back from its recession,  now has a string of negative numbers. The road back to recovery just got a bit longer.

Dell Deal.. Michael Dell will not and does not plan on boosting his bid for Dell. Right now, his bid is sitting firm at $24.4 billion. One monkey wrench in Dell’s plan for domination… he can’t vote his chunk of shares. Meaning he has to win over a lot more of the shareholders with his charm and good looks. Michael Dell think paw pumping it seems to work for the politicians.

Last Call.. for Hulu bids. According to All Things D, Silver Lake is official out of the bidding. The remaining contenders include DirecTV, Guggenheim Partners, Time Warner Cable, and AT&T. With today being the deadline for final bidding, guess we will just have to wait and see who wins…

In The Markets:

Asia: Asian markets were down Monday. Investors were in a “risk off” mood as earnings jitters and continued wondering what will the FED do.

Europe: European markets rallied on Friday as investors got giddy about the better than expected jobs data from the US.

US: US markets closed higher after a volatile session that began higher with triple digit gains in the DJIA then went negative only to finish back into triple digits. DJIA: +147.14, NASDAQ +35.70, S&P 500 +16.66

In Dinner or Drinks:

Today we would like to suggest a drink for our friends attending the European/US Free Trade Negotiations:

Whiskey Lovefest

4  oz amaretto almond  liqueur
1  oz whiskey
15 oz Coca-Cola®
Start with the amaretto base, add the  whiskey, and pour the coke over it all. Stir it all together and serve.

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