AJ is a seven-year-old black lab. AJ joined the family after being adopted from a local Lab rescue. After getting up at the crack of dawn for years and watching hours of financial programs, AJ has developed a keen understanding of the financial markets. One of his biggest attributes is making people always feel secure with his big brown eyes and smile. It’s what makes him perfect for Ask AJ. 


KJ has spent the last twelve years in the financial industry, working for such firms as JPMorgan Chase, UBS, Knight Capital, and Penson Financial Worldwide. Throughout those twelve years, KJ has amassed a solid foundation of the global markets and how they operate on a daily basis.  On a regular basis, KJ’s friends would ask countless financial industry questions, and most conversations ended with the same question: why is it when you explain it, I actually understand? The feeling seemed to be the same across the board: any conversations with financial professionals made KJ’s friends feel as if they were on the kindergarten level, while the financial experts were on the PhD level. Finally one day after one of these conversations, a light bulb went off. KJ could combine two passions: teaching people and financial markets. That’s when Before 24 was born.

KJ is a proud graduate of Texas A&M and parent to AJ. KJ enjoys watching sports, being outdoors, and spending time with family and friends.


PJ is the glue that keeps this company together. In addition to trying to keep KJ and AJ on the straight and narrow, PJ handles all the behind the scenes stuff.