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Jan 30


Hot or Cold Drink

Keurig Green Mountain will buy Dr. Pepper Snapple (DPS) creating a company with dozens of iconic brands such as A&W in the same portfolio of products. Keurig shareholders will own 87 percent of the new business called Keurig Dr. Pepper. The company will be headed by Keurig chief executive Bob Gamgort. Dr. Pepper shareholders will receive $103.75 per share in a special cash dividend and will own 13 percent off the combined company. The move comes as Green Mountain has cut staff amid tougher competition from coffee rivals. While Snapple has been under pressure to combat the health impacts of sugary drinks. According to the Keurig the deal will unlock the opportunity to combine hot and cold beverages and create a platform to increase exposure to high growth channels.

$50 billion

Exxon Mobil announced Monday it will invest more than $50 billion to expand its business in the U.S. over the next five years. According to Chairman and CEO Darren Woods, the investments are possible because of the company’s strength and the recent tax cuts. The new investment will allow the company to build new manufacturing plants and increase oil production in Texas and New Mexico.


Asia: Asian shares closed lower on Tuesday, tracking declines from Wall Street.

Europe: European indexes closed lower on Monday as bond yields continue to go up while prices go down.

U.S: U.S markets tumbled on Monday as investors took profits. DJIA: -177.23 26,439.48 NASDAQ: -39.27 7466.51 S&P: -19.34 2853.53

Word of The Day:

Seasonal Adjustment

A statistical technique used to even out periodic swings in statistics or movements in supply and demand related to changing seasons.

Dinner or Drink:

Ski Season

2 scoops of ice cream
2 oz. half-and-half
1 oz. cherry juice
3 oz. Frangelico® hazelnut liqueur
3 cherries

Frappe all the above ingredients EXCEPT the cherries pour into the Mason jar and top with the cherries.


Jan 26


Buy, Buy, Buy

Ford Motor company has acquiring two software startups and restructuring its Ford Smart Mobility division as the company continues to expand its strategies beyond its traditional business of making and selling cars. TransLoc, based in Durham, N.C. develops software that helps cities manage transit services. Autonomic, a Plato Alto, California based company, created an open-source cloud computing platform for transportation services. Terms of the acquisitions were not disclosed. Ford is also making tweaks to its Ford Smart Mobility division. The two-year-old unit is tasked with investing in and building the automaker’s transportation services. The unit will now be broken up into four divisions: Ford X, Mobility Business Group, Mobility Platforms and Products, and Mobility Marketing and Growth.

The New Girl

KFC has announced it has a new Colonel Sanders. The company has picked country singer Reba McEntire to play the founder of the fried chicken chain, the first female to pay the famous founder. In commercials starting next week, viewers will see McEntire don the Colonel’s famous white suit and black tie with a couple of twists. McEntire’s outfit will also include fringe on the back and a glittery shine.  KFC said it picked the country music legend because of her Southern roots and to help promote its new Smoky Mountain BBQ, which combines fried chicken with a taste of barbeque.


Asia: Asian stocks closed mixed on Friday as investors wait to hear President Trump’s speech at the Davos World Forum.

Europe: European markets closed lower on Thursday after the European Central Bank left rates unchanged.

U.S: U.S. markets closed mostly higher on Thursday after Catapillar and 3M reported earnings.  DJIA: +140.67 26392.79 NASDAQ: -3.89 7411.16 S&P: +1.71 2839.25

Word of The Day:


A taxable distribution of a portion of company’s earnings that are declared by a company’s board of directors and distributed to its shareholders at the declared date.

Dinner or Drink:

Banana Bird

1 oz. bourbon whiskey
2 tsp crème de bananas
2 tsp triple sec
1 oz. double cream

Shake with ice and strain into a cocktail glass.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, Ya’ll!





Trouble Ahead

General Electric is being investigated by the Securities and Exchange Commission. Securities regulator have opened a probe into the company’s accounting practices, a new challenge to the conglomerates efforts to turn around its struggling business. The SEC’s probe centers on how the company recognized revenue from long-term service contracts for projects like power-plant repairs and jet-engine maintenance. The securities regulators first inquired about the contract accounting in late November after the company sharply revised its financial projections. Last week the SEC asked for additional information about GE’s review of its insurance business after the company disclosed a massive charge. The investigation brings more uncertainty to an industrial powerhouse that has fallen on hard times.


LG Electronics announced it plans to raise prices on its laundry appliances following President Trump’s approval this week of steep tariffs on imported washing machines. An LG spokesman declined to discuss specifics of the price increase saying instead the penalties were more severe than recommended by the International Trade Commissions. Industry experts expect LG to raise the published retail prices on at least some of its washers and dryer models by approximately $50.


Asia: Most Asian indexes closed lower as the dollar continued to struggle against other currencies.

Europe: European markets closed lower as investors digested a mixed bag of earnings.

U.S: U.S. markets closed mostly lower lead by technology stocks. DJIA: +41.31 26,252.12 S&P: -1.59 2837.54 NASDAQ: -45.23 7415.06

Word of The Day:

Market Maker

A broker-dealer firm that holds a certain number of shares of a particular security in order to facilitate trading of that security. Market makers compete for customer order flow by displaying buy and sell prices for a guaranteed number of shares. Once an order is received, the market maker immediately sells from its own inventory or seeks an offsetting order from another maker. All of this happens daily in mere seconds.

Dinner or Drink:

Kentucky Mulled Cider

1¼ parts Bourbon

Apple Cider, Hot

Dash Allspice

Garnish Cinnamon Stick

Garnish Lemon, Sliced

Add Bourbon to a footed mug. Fill mug with hot apple cider and the dash of allspice. Garnish with a tall cinnamon stick and lemon slice.



Jan 24


New Game Plan

JP Morgan Chase unrolled its $20 billion, five-year investment across its business based on benefits from the recent tax-las changes. The bank plans to open as many as 400 branches in new markets across the U.S, expand its home lending to lower-income consumers and boost wages from some retail-banking employees, among other changes. JP Morgan is one of the many large companies who are passing on some of the windfall of billions of dollars it expects from the tax code overhaul to its employees. The bank’s effective tax rate will be around 19% this year and 20% over the near term, down from 35% previously.


Irving based Kimberly-Clark, maker of Huggies diapers and Kleenex tissues, announced on Tuesday it would cut around 13 percent of its workforce globally, or at least 5,000 jobs, in a bid to reduce costs as sales decline. The company also plans to close or sell 10 of its 91 production factories worldwide. Kimberly-Clark declined to disclose the locations affected by the closures. The company has operations in some 56 countries and currently employees around 43,000 employees. The moves come after competitors slashed prices in tissues and less demand for diapers as less women are having babies. In all the company is anticipating more than $2 billion in cost costs by 2021.


Asia: Asian markets closed higher on Wednesday as the dollar continued to decline against global currencies.

Europe: European shares closed higher on Tuesday as investors cheered better corporate earnings.

U.S: U.S. markets closed flat on Tuesday as investors digested a mixed bag of earnings. DJIA: -3.79 26,270.81 Nasdaq: +52.26 7480.29

Word of The Day:


The purchase by a company of its own outstanding shares, reducing the number of shares on the open market.

Dinner or Drink:

Frosty Noggin

1 1/2 oz. rum
3/4 oz. white creme de cacao
3 oz. eggnog
3 cups vanilla ice cream

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a parfait glass and top with whipped cream. Garnish with a few drops of green creme de menthe and a rolled cookie, and serve.

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Jan 23



Bank of America has eliminated free checking account heavily relied on by some lower-income customers. The eBanking accounts allowed customers to pay no monthly maintenance free, regardless of their account balance of transactions in a given month if they made deposits and withdrawal through Bank of America’s convenient electronic channels.  Staring this month, Bank of America will now convert those accounts into fee bearing accounts with a $12 monthly fee unless the customers have either a direct deposit of $250 or a minimum daily balance of $1,500. Customers were not happy with Bank of America’s move and even started an online petition on that already has 45,000 signatures. The move has caused some customers to close their accounts.

On the Go

After a year of testing with its own employees, Amazon official opened its Go store on Monday. The new convenience store is made up of hundreds of cameras and sensors which allow customers who use the Amazon app to skip the check-out lines. The store located in Searle is around the size of a 7-eleven. To shop in the store, customers will download the Just Walk Out app and link it to a payment accost. Customers can then go pick up their groceries and just walk out when they are finished. A series of cameras and sensor pick up what items the customer has in the baskets and sends that information to the app. The Go store is the most visible change to the way American’s grocery shop since barcodes.


Asia: Asian markets closed significantly higher on Tuesday after the U.S. government reopened for business.

Europe: European markets closed mostly higher on Monday as investors tried to shake off concerns surrounding the us government shut down.

U.S: U.S equites closed higher as lawmakers reach a deal to end shutdown DJIA: +152.88 26214.60 Nasdaq +71.65 7408.03 S&P +22.67 2832.97

Word of The Day:


The highest possible rating assigned to bond issuer by credit rating agencies. It signifies the issues has an exceptional degree of creditworthiness and can easily meet its financial commitments.

Dinner or Drink:

Downward Facing Daiquiri

  • 1 part Watermelon Schnapps
  • 1 part Aged Dark Rum
  • Juice of 1 Lime
  • Watermelon Wedge
  • Mint Sprig

Blend with ice and serve. Garnish with a watermelon slice and a sprig of mint

Jan 19


Belt Buster

In an effort to go after rival McDonald’s, Burger King unveiled its new hefty burger made with a half=pound of beef. The Double Quarter Pound King Sandwich has two beef patties with American Cheese, sliced onions, pickles, and ketchup all on a toasted sesame seed bun. What it doesn’t have is lettuce or tomatoes. The new Burger King burger will add 900 calories and 54 grams of fat to your daily food intake. The burger went on sales Thursday and will cost you around $5.39.


International Business Machines Corp., aka IBM reported higher revenue for the first time in 23 quarters on Thursday. Fourth-quarter revenue for the company rose 3.6% to $22.5 billion giving Chief Executive Ginni Rommetty some breathing room in her attempts to turn around the century-old tech giant. The last time IBM had revenue growth from the prior year was the first quarter of 2012. Several factors drove the company growth. Sales of industrial-strength computers and continued strength in the cloud-computing business. Despite the better earning results, shares of the company traded lower on Thursday.


Asia: Asian markets closed higher despite a negative hand off from Wall Street.

Europe:  European markets closed higher on Thursday as investors monitored recent gains from Wall Street.

U.S: U.S markets closed as investor worry about the looming government shut down. DJIA -97.84 26017.81 Nasdaq: -2.23 7296.05 S&P -4.53 2798.03

Word of The Day:


The process in which an issuer creates a financial instrument by combing other financial assets and repackages it to investors. Any type off financial asset can be encompassed in the securitization process. Securitization helps promote liquidity in the markets.

Dinner or Drink:

Pacific Breeze

  • 8 ounces black currant vodka
  • 32 ounces lemonade
  • Ice
  • 1-ounce blue curacao
  • 8 lemon wheels
  • 8 mint sprigs

In a pitcher, combine the vodka and lemonade and refrigerate until thoroughly chilled, about 2 hours. Stir well and pour into ice-filled highball or red wine glasses. Top each drink with 3/4 teaspoon of blue curacao and garnish with a lemon wheel and a mint sprig.

Have a safe and wonderful holiday weekend, Ya’ll!



Jan 18


We’ll Leave The Light On….

Wyndham Worldwide announced it will acquire La Quinta’s hotel franchise and management business for $1.95 billion in cash. Ahead of the acquisition, La Quinta will spin off its real estate assets into a publicly traded real estate trust called CorePoint Lodging Inc.  Shareholders of La Quinta stock will receive $8.40 per share in cash. La Quinta hotels will add to Wyndham’s portfolio of brands which include Ramada, Days Inn, Super 8, Howard Johnson and Wingate by Wyndham. The deal is expected to close in the second quarter of 2018.

We Believe In You

Apple (APPL) announced Wednesday it would bring back to the USA some of the foreign profits it has been holding in foreign banks after the new tax reform bill changed the tax rate from 22 to 15 percent. Apple also laid out its upcoming plans for the funds. First, the company will pay its tax bill of roughly $38 billion on the roughly $252 billion it holds in foreign accounts. Apple pledged to invest $350 billion in a five-year commitment to the U.S. economy. As part of its commitment the company will add 20,000 new jobs and a new campus at a location announced sometime this year.  The new location will initially house employees who provide technical support for customers. Apple will also expand a fund it launched last year to create manufacturing jobs in the U.S., and drive innovations by boosting its investment from $1 billion to $5 billion.  Apple’s public support of the U.S. could help the company’s optics as it continues to make most of its products in factories located in China and other faraway countries that offer cheaper labor.


Asia: Asian stock markets closed mixed as investor digest a raft of China economic data.

Europe: European markets closed under pressure on Wednesday as corporate dominated the discussion.

U.S: U.S stocks soared on Wednesday after a series of better than expected corporate earnings reports. DJIA: +322.79 26115.65v NASDAQ: +74.59 7298.28 S&P: +26.14 2802.56

Word of The Day:


The process of converting a foreign currency into the currency of one’s own country.

Dinner or Drink:

Cold Comfort Coffee

3/4 oz. dark rum
3/4 oz. Southern Comfort® peach liqueur
1/4 oz. dark creme de cacao
4 Oz cold coffee

Shake and strain into a wine glass filled with crushed ice. Sweeten to taste.

Jan 16


Look No Hands

General Motor announced it plans to test new autonomous-driving vehicles on public roads and highways starting in 2019. The automaker has already petitioned the federal government for approval to adjust 16 motor vehicles standards so it can test cars that have no steering wheel, pedals, and other driver controls. If regulators approve the plan, GM plans to test up to 2,500 modified Chevy Bolds on public roads in at least seven states.

Fair and Balanced

CVS Health announced it will change how customers shop for beauty products. The nation’s leading drugstore chain will inform customers if certain advertisements for products were digitally altered. The company will now include a special watermark which will highlight imagery that has not been materially changes. The move is the latest in a series of several customer initiatives at CVS. The chain has already stopped the sale of tobacco products and will introduce limits on opioid prescriptions.


Asia: Asian markets closed higher on Tuesday after the dollar slid against global currencies.

Europe: European markets closed lower on Monday as investors took profits after a solid start to the year.

U.S: U.S: markets rallied on Friday after several financial companies posted solid earnings. DJIA: +228.46 25,806.79 Nasdaq: +49.28 7261.06 S&P: +18.68 2786.24

Word of The Day:


A debt instrument whereby an investor loans money to an entity (either corporate or government) at a fixed rate of interest and for a fixed duration. The entity can then use the money to finance various projects or activities. Also known as fixed-income securities.

Dinner or Drink:

South Texas Snow

2 oz. Malibu® coconut rum
2 oz. Malibu® pineapple rum
3/4 oz. 99 Bananas® banana schnapps
8 oz. Sprite® soda

Fill up a blender with ice. Add the Malibu, Malibu Pineapple, and 99 Bananas and blend. Last, add Sprite. You don’t have to add all of it, you can add it to taste, depending on how strong you want your drink. This can also be served on ice, but then it would be Melted South Texas Snow.

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Jan 12


The Good and The Bad… Walmart had an interesting Thursday.  The company announced it will increase the minimum wage it pays its employee to $11.00 per hour. The company will also pay a one-time cash bonus to eligible employees of as much as $1000.00. Also on Thursday, the company announced it will closed around 10% of its 660 U.S. stores over the next few weeks as the retailer looks to shrink its footprint. Around a dozen of the 63 stores that are closing will be repurposed and become e-commerce fulfillment centers to help support e-commerce efforts. The 63 underperforming stores closing are located in Alaska, Texas, New Jersey, and other states. Change… Facebook is radically altering the formula it uses to determines what pops up to the top of your news feed. Soon you will see more status updates from friends and family that spark meaningful social exchanges, like parents discussing what bedtime stories to read to children or a friend seeking advice on placed to travel. The company hopes the changes will encourage you to spend less time passively scrolling through updates on your timeline, reading articles, and watching videos, but not interacting with others. Facebook is making the changes as it addresses the growing controversy over the role it plays in people’s lives and in society.


Asia: Asian markets closed mostly higher on Friday as investors optimism for the global economy continues. Europe: European index closed lower on Thursday, as investors watch corporate earnings. U.S: U.S markets rallied on Thursday led by shares in the energy sector. DJIA: +205.60 25574.73 Nasdaq: -58.21 7211.78 S&P +19.33 2767.56

Word of The Day:

NASDAQ 100 Index An index composed of the 100 largest, most actively traded companies on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The index includes companies from a broad range of industries with the exception of those in the financial industry, such as banks Dinner or Drink: Three Day Weekend 1 part Jägermeister® herbal liqueur 1 part Malibu® coconut rum 1 part pineapple juice 1 part grenadine syrup Fill a hurricane glass with plenty of ice. Add Jägermeister and rum first. Top off with pineapple juice and grenadine. Shake well. Like our drink today, click here for more. Have a safe and wonderful weekend, Ya’ll!

Jan 10


You Press The Button, We Do The Rest

Shares of Eastman Kodak, doubled on Tuesday after the company announced it will step into the digital-currency world. KodakCoin, will help photographers license their work and track the unlicensed use of their images. The new coin will use the technology behind bitcoin, called blockchain, to keep a digital ledger of the photographs. Simply put blockchain is an open record of transactions, maintained on an online ledger that is distributed across a network of computers. Kodak is the latest company to see its shares soar after announcing it plans to explore the world of bitcoin. Shares of Kodak climbed $3.70, or 119% to $6.80.


Casual dining chain Red Robin Gourmet Burgers announced it will eliminate bus boys at 570 of its location. The move is expected to save the company $8 million over the course of the coming year. Red Robin restaurants are located mostly in Western states, where the minimum wage have increased. The Colorado-based chain previously eliminated expediters, employees who plated the food in the kitchen, realizing a cost savings of nearly $10 million last year.


Asia: Asian markets closed mostly lower on Wednesday, despite a positive hand off from Wall Street.

Europe: European shares closed higher for a forth session lead by strength among cyclical stocks and optimism about further growth in corporate earnings.

U.S: U.S. equities closed higher as investors anticipate a stellar upcoming earnings season DJIA: +102.80 26385.80 Nasdaq: +6.19 7163.58 S&P +3.58 2751.29

 Word of The Day:

Cyclical Stocks

A stock whose price is affected by the ups and downs of the overall economy.

Dinner or Drink:

Irish Stew

3 pounds lamb shoulder cut in 2-inch chunks (or use thick shoulder chops

Salt and pepper

4 tablespoons vegetable oil

2 pounds onions (about 6 medium), cut in wedges

1-pound carrots (about 6 medium), cut in 3-inch lengths

4 cups chicken, veal or beef broth (or water)

1 large sprig thyme

3 pounds russet potatoes (about 12 small), peeled and halved, or cut in 2-inch thick slices


    1. Pat lamb dry and season well with salt and pepper. Put oil in a heavy-bottomed soup pot over medium-high heat. Brown meat on all sides, working in batches.
    2. Set meat aside and add onions and carrots to pot. Season with salt and pepper. Cook vegetables, stirring, until lightly browned, about 5 minutes. Heat oven to 350 degrees.
    3. Return meat to pot, add broth and bring to a simmer. Put in thyme sprig and arrange potatoes on top (it’s fine if potatoes are not completely submerged). Season potatoes, cover pot and transfer to oven.
    4. Bake for about 1 hour, until lamb is quite tender when probed with a skewer or paring knife. Remove fat from top of broth. Ladle stew into shallow bowls and serve.


    • Alternatively, cook stew on stovetop instead of baking; keep covered at a gentle simmer for about 1 hour. For a thicker stew, crush a few of the potatoes from the stew and simmer in broth, or thicken with a slurry of flour and water (about 4 tablespoons flour).


    Like our recipe today, click here for more.

Like our recipe today, click here for more.

Jan 9



Shares of GoPro Inc. tumbled as much as 33% on Monday after the company announced restructuring plans and warned its quarterly revenue would be substantially lower than expected. As part of the company’s restructure plan it will cut more than one-fifth of its workforce and will exit the drone market in an attempt to turn itself around. The company also announced it has hired JPMorgan Chase to help find a buyer for the action-camera company.  Shares of GoPro closed down 13% at a record low of $6.56 in Monday trading.

Pink Slip

One of the nation’s largest hospital companies, Tenet, announced it will cut jobs and will speed up the search for its chief executive in an effort to revamp its business. On Monday, during its presentation at the J.P Morgan Healthcare Conference in San Francisco, the company announced it would cut around 2% of its workforce or around 2,000 jobs. The company also announced it would speed up its search for a new chief executive. In late August, Tenet announced its chief executive was stepping down. The company named Ronald Rittenmeyer to the post while the company searches for a new leader. Tenet operates 76 hospitals and about 480 outpatient centers and surgical hospital in the U.S.


Asia: Asian markets closed mostly higher on Tuesday after a somewhat quiet session on Wall Street.

Europe: European shares closed higher on Monday as Germany looks closer into forming a new government.

U.S: U.S. markets closed mostly higher as investors remain confident in the economy. DJIA:-12.87 25283.00 Nasdaq: +20.83 7157.39 S&P +4.56 2747.71

Word of The Day:

Growth Stock

A company whose earnings are expected to grow at an above-average rate compared to the market.

Dinner or Drink:

Kentucky Coffee

  • 1-part Bourbon
  • 1-part Irish Cream
  • 1 splash Hazelnut Schnapps Liqueur
  • Hot Coffee
  • Garnish Whipped Cream

Fill a mug half way with hot coffee and pour in Bourbon and Hazelnut Liqueur. Add cream liqueur and top off with a dollop of whipped cream.

Jan 8


No Fakes Allowed

Dunkin’ Donuts announced it has removed artificial dyes from its doughnuts nationwide, as part of its effort to offer simpler ingredients and cut artificial dyes across its lineup of foods and drinks by the end of 2018. According to the company the artificial dyes in doughnuts have been replaced with fruit juices and other extracts. By year-end, the doughnut maker expects to eliminate fake color in its doughnut icings, fillings and toppings, breakfast sandwiches, coffee flavoring, and frozen drinks. Removing the artificial dyes isn’t the only major change the company is making. Starting this week Dunkin will start trimming its menus at some of its locations nationwide.


Celgene Corp. agreed to buy Impact Biormedicines for $1.1 billion upfront to gain access to of an experimental blood cancer treatment. The price could reach as much as $7 billion over time if the drug reaches certain milestones. Under the agreement, Celgene could add as much as $1.25 billion to the upfront payment if Impact Biormedicines’ drug Fedratinib reaches regulatory approval to treat myelofibrosis, a form of bone marrow cancer. Additional payments could reach as much as $4.5 billion if global annual sales rise about $5 billion. The total price could make the purchase of Impact the largest acquisition for Celgene. Celgene has come under pressure to replace revenue from its top-selling cancer treatment before copycats’ medicines eat into its start drug Revlimid.


Asia: Asian shares closed higher on Monday after a positive hand off from Wall Street.

Europe: European shares closed higher on Friday, propelled by a strengthens regional economy and gains in U.S. equities.

U.S: U.S. markets closed higher on Friday after a solid jobs report. DJIA: +220.74 25,295.87 Nasdaq: +58.64 7136.56 S&P: +19.16 2,743.15

Word of The Day:

Business Cycle

The fluctuation in economic activity that an economy experiences over a period.

Dinner or Drink:

Sloe Gin Fizz

  • 1 1/2-part Sloe Gin
  • 1 1/2 parts Gin
  • 1-part Lemon Juice
  • 3 parts Soda Water

Build over ice, stir gently, and serve.

Jan 5


Now Hiring

On Friday, the Department of Labor released its monthly jobs reports. According to the NFP report for December, the overall economy created 148,000 jobs, below the 190,000 jobs analyst had expected. The unemployment rate stayed unchanged at 4.1 percent. One important note, hourly earnings continued their modest rise, growing 2.5 percent in December year over year. The increase indicates the economy is growing and could be near full employment.

Let There Be Light

Canada’s Brookfield Business Partners LP has agreed to purchase Westinghouse Electric Co, for $4.6 billion. Westinghouse Electric, currently owned by Toshiba Crop, once helped light the world but fell into bankruptcy after attempting to design and build a new generation of nuclear power plants. The acquisition marks Brookfield’s entry into the nuclear power business. People close to the company say Brookfield is not interested in building nuclear power plants, instead it will focus on servicing existing nuclear facilities and decommissioning aging plants.


Asia: Asian shares closed out the week higher, tracking Wall Street gains after the Dow Jones hit 25,000.

Europe: European markets closed higher on Thursday on better economic data from the region.

U.S: U.S indexes rallied on Thursday after a better than expected private sector jobs report. DJIA: +52.45 25075.13 NASDAQ: +12.38 7077.91 S&P: +10.93 2723.99

Word of the Day:


The purchase by a company of its own outstanding shares, reducing the number of shares on the open market.

Dinner or Drink:

Frosty Noggin

1 1/2 oz. rum
3/4 oz. white creme de cacao
3 oz. eggnog
3 cups vanilla ice cream

Combine all ingredients in a blender. Blend until smooth. Pour into a parfait glass and top with whipped cream. Garnish with a few drops of green creme de menthe and a rolled cookie, and serve.

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Jan 4


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

On Thursday, private payroll company, ADP released its monthly jobs report. According to ADP, the private sector added 250,000 jobs in December, beating analyst expectations. Next stop on the jobs train, tomorrow’s Department of Labor monthly NFP report.


Intel CEO Brian Krzanich sold off a large chuck of his stock in the company last year, after the chipmaker was made aware of serious security flaws in its computer processors. According to filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission, Krzanich acquired and sold 644,135 shares at a weighted average price of $44.05 by using options granted to him. He sold another 245,743 shares that had already owned at a weighted average of $44.55. The filling showed the sales were part of a 10B5-1 plan, a plan that company execute set up to sell stocks they own at a pre-determined time so that they are not accused of insider trading. The catch, the plan was filled after the company became aware of serious security flaws with its computer processors. According to a report released last week by security researchers, Intel processes have bugs, known as Meltdown and Spectre, which could allow programs to steal data including passwords stored in a password manager or browser, personal photos, emails, and instant messages. While the Meltdown issue can be patched, the effects of Spectre affects every device that uses Intel chip will be harder to fix.


Asia: Asian markets closed mostly higher on Thursday, after a stronger lead from Wall Street following positive economic data.

Europe: European shares closed higher as investors reacted to the release of sweeping reforms for the continents financial sector.

U.S: U.S. markets closed higher led by Technology firms who pushed markets to fresh records. DJIA: +98.67 24922.68 Nasdaq: +58.63 7065.53 S&P +17.25 2713.06

Word of The Day:

Plain Vanilla

The most basic or standard version of a financial instrument such as bonds, options, futures, and swaps.

Dinner or Drink:

Apple Fizz

2 oz. apple brandy
4 oz. apple juice
1/2 tsp fresh lime juice
1 oz. soda water

Pour the apple brandy, apple juice and lime juice into a highball glass almost filled with ice cubes. Stir well. Top with soda water, garnish with a slice of lime, and serve.




Jan 3



Shares of MoneyGram tumbled during Tuesday’s trading session after the U.S. government failed to approve the mulita-million-dollar merger with Ant Financial, an affiliate of Alibaba. Ant Financial will pay a $30 million termination fee for the breakup of the deal, in which the company had agreed to buy MoneyGram for $18 a share.  As part of the regulatory process an American national-security panel had to approval the merger and in the latest sign the U.S. tightening scrutiny of investment from China, the panel refused to approve the deal.

So Long

Rent-A-Center founder Mark Speese has resigned as chief executive of the company works as it tries to quash investors’ concerns about its performance. Speese, who founded the company in 1986, is the latest person to leave the leadership team in recent months. Steven Pepper, stepped down as board chairman in October after the company announced it would suspend its dividend and explore strategic alternatives. Mitchell Fadel, who formerly served as chief operating officer at Rent-A-Center, will succeed Speese as CEO.


Asia: Asia markets closed mostly higher on Wednesday after a positive handoff from Wall Street.

Europe: European shares closed mixed on Tuesday as investors monitor geopolitical events in Iran.

U.S: U.S equites closed higher on the first trading day of 2018 as investors bet on another strong year. DJIA: +103.79 24824.01 S&P: +22.20 2695.81 Nasdaq: +103.51 7006.90

Word of The Day:

NASDAQ 100 Index

An index composed of the 100 largest, most actively traded companies on the NASDAQ stock exchange. The index includes companies from a broad range of industries with the exception of those in the financial industry, such as banks.

Dinner or Drink:

Happy New Year

1/4 oz. brandy
3/4 oz. ruby port
3/4 oz. orange juice
4 oz. Champagne

Shake brandy, port and orange juice well over ice cubes in a shaker. Strain into a champagne flute, fill with champagne, and serve.






Jan 2



Netflix has eliminated cash bonuses for its top five executives, after the new tax plan killed a key corporate tax write-off affecting executive pay. Instead Netflix will roll bonuses into their salary, meaning top executives will no longer have compensation tied to the company’s performance. Netflix CEO Reed Hastings will see his compensation package jump to $29.4 million next year, an almost 33 percent raise. Chief Content Officer Ted Srandos will see his compensation increased 25 percent to $26.25 million.


A judge has found accounting giant Pricewaterhouse Cooper negligent about one of the largest bank failures during the financial crisis. According to the judge, PWC violated auditing rules and failed to take steps that could have detected a $2 billion fraud scheme that contributed to the 2009 failure of Alabama’s Colonial Bank. The judgment was part of a lawsuit brought against PWC by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation. U.S District Judge Barbara Rothstein did dismiss other allegations the FDIC has made on PWC, including accusations of negligence brought by Colonial’s bankruptcy trustee. The judgment opens the Big Four accounting firm to hundreds of millions of dollars in damages.


Asia: Asian indexes closed mostly higher on the first trading session of 2018, as investors shrugged off the U.S. negative handoff on Friday.

Europe: European markets closed lower on Friday as investors said goodbye to 2017 and looked ahead to 2018.

U.S: U.S. equities closed out the last trading day of 2017 lower as investors took profits. DJIA: -118.29 24,719 Nasdaq: -46.77 6903.39 S&P -13.93 2673.61

Word of The Day:

Short Selling:

The sale of a security which is not owned by the seller, or that the seller has borrowed. Short selling is usually motivated by the speculative belief the security’s price will decline. This decline potentially enables the seller to buy the security back at a lower price and make a profit. The risk of losses on a short sale are endless therefore, it can be extremely risky.

Dinner or Drink:

So Cold

1 oz. Absolut® Citron vodka
3/4 oz. Southern Comfort® peach liqueur
3/4 oz. Midori® melon liqueur
sweet and sour mix
lemon Wedge

Fill Mixing Glass with Ice. Add Alcohols. Fill to 1/2″ of top with Sweet and Sour. Shake with mixing tin until tin is frosted. Pour into Collins (or 16oz glass). Garnish with a Lemon Wedge (if desired).

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