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Jul 31


Who Moved My Cheese…?

Employees at Kraft (KHC) headquarters, will no longer have access to free Jell-O and cheese sticks. After merging with Heinz this month, the combined company rolled out some new policies aimed at curbing expenses such as travel, electricity, and office supplies. Along with the cut backs, employees are no longer allowed to bring food’s produced from Kraft competitors. The new cuts are part a plan to reduce $1.5 billion of annual costs out of the business by the end of 2017. [Continue reading...]

Jul 30


No Change

The Federal Reserve seems to be on track to raise interest rates later this year however, the committee still wants to see further economic gains and higher inflation before making the big move.  In a statement released on Wednesday, after its latest policy meeting, the Fed provided no timeline increasing the speculation September will be the month for the first hike. The statement did bring good news, as the Fed noted the job market, housing and consumer spending have all improved. The Fed also expects inflation to rise gradually towards its 2 percent target, a possible sign the economy is headed toward stability.


Royal Dutch Shell (RDS.A) announced Thursday, the company will slash 6,500 jobs amid declining prices that have sent a wave of job cuts through the industry. Shell’s job cuts came as Chevron Corp, announced Wednesday it would cut 1,500 jobs, U.K utility Centrica announced it would slash 6,000 positions, and work to shirk its oil-and-gas production division. The moves demonstrate how the oil companies previous measures to deal with declining oil prices weren’t enough. Now, oil companies are playing catch up and preparing for a prolonged downturn in crude prices. Shell, BP, and Total all outlined plans this week to deepen spending cuts that began earlier this year when oil prices reached below $50 a barrel, down from last year’s highs of $114.


Asia: Asian shares closed mixed on Thursday after the U.S central bank said the economy and job market continue to strengthen.

Europe: European stocks closed higher Wednesday as investors waited to hear if the Federal Reserve will signal when they would raise rates.

U.S: U.S. stocks closed higher Wednesday after the Federal Reserve offered no clear indication on the next rate hike timing but did say offer positive comments about the job and housing markets. DJIA: +121.12 17,751.39 S&P: +15.32 2,108.57 NASDAQ: +22.53 5,111.73

Word of The Day:

NFP Report (Non-Farm Payroll)

The monthly non-farm payroll (NFP) report is a key economic indicator. It represents the total number of paid workers in the U.S. minus farm employees, government employees, private household employees and employees of nonprofit organizations.

Dinner or Drink:

Oil Spill #3

3/4 oz. peppermint schnapps
1/4 oz. Blue Curacao liqueur
1 tbsp. Jagermeister® herbal liqueur

Pour the schnapps and curacao into a shot glass. Carefully layer Jagermeister on top of drink, and serve.

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Jul 29


Tweet Out…

It appears Twitter Inc.’s advertising business may be working through its past hiccups, but its growing pains continue. On Tuesday, the San Francisco social-media company released its earnings. The company’s second-quarter revenue rose 61% to $502.4 million compared to $312.2 million a year earlier, far out pacing Twitter’s projections and analyst expectations. Despite the good news, the company’s growth potential has many on Wall Street concerned. According to the company the sites core users, users who sign into the service’s application at least once a month, showed no growth. The company did see grow in it’s over all user base which increased from 308 million to 316 million. Most of the new users are what the company call “SMS fast followers”. Fast followers receive text tweets directly to their phone but do not actually sign up for Twitter. Starting last quarter the company now includes SMS fast followers in their user base. Twitter’s sober growth outlook was a buzzkill for investors’ enthusiasm, as shares fell almost 11.8% in after-hours trading. [Continue reading...]

Jul 28


 Fly Away…

Delta Airlines (DAL) will pay $450 million to buy a stake in China Eastern Airlines as the Atlanta-based airline seeks to expand into China’s fast-growing travel industry. The deal will give Delta a 3.55 percent stake in the Shanghai-based airline and a seat on the board. The two companies already partner on flights between the U.S. and China. In April, Delta moved its operations to Shanghai’s Pudong Airport to the same terminal as China Eastern. The move makes it easier for flyers to catch connecting flights between the airlines. Shares of Delta, like the overall market, closed lower $0.17 on Monday. [Continue reading...]

Jul 27



The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is expected to slap Fiat Chrysler Automobiles (FCAU) with a record $105 million fine for lapse in recalls covering millions of vehicles. The fines are tied to violations in an array of areas, including misleading and obstructing regulators; inadequate and lagging repairs; and failing to alert car owners to recalls in a timely manner. Government regulators will also assign an independent monitor to audit the company’s recall processes for an extended period of time. [Continue reading...]

Jul 24


Surprise, Surprise…

Thursday, e-commerce giant, Amazon (AMZN) reported a surprise second-quarter profit, boosted by continued strength of its cloud-computing business and stronger domestic and international growth. Thursday’s announcement bucked Amazon’s string of quarterly losses or thin profits as the company stuck to its long-term strategy of investing money the company earned back into the company itself. Boosting the company’s profits was its success in its suite of products and services offered to business through the cloud. Amazon’s Prime loyalty program also helped drive the growth during the quarter. The company didn’t announce how many Prime members it has, however it’s estimated to be around 35 to 40 million members. Shares of Amazon jumped $81 to $563 in aftermarket trading.

Done Deal

After weeks of speculation, Anthem Inc. (ANTM) has agreed to buy Cigna (CI) for $48.4 billion. The deal will combine two companies with a huge footprint in the commercial insurance industry which provide coverage to employers and consumers nationally. Under the deal, Cigna shareholders will receive $103.40 in cash and receive 0.5152 shares of Anthem for each share held. The deal, which still faces regulatory approval, should close in the second quarter of 2016.


Asia: Asian stocks ended their week in the red after China’s monthly manufacturing survey showed a decrease in production.

Europe: European markets closed lower as investors digested disappointing earnings in the region and lower consumer confidence out of the U.S.

U.S: U.S. markets continued their three day losing streak after consumer confidence hit a five week low. DJIA: – 119.12 17731.92 NASDAQ: -25.36 5146.41 S&P 500: 12.00 2102.15

Word of The Day:

Dollar Index:

A weighted index which tracks the US Dollar against a basket of other world currencies.

Dinner or Drink:

Cattie Surprise

1 1/2 oz. Bananas Over You® liqueur
1/2 oz. DeKuyper® Buttershots liqueur
13 oz. semi-skimmed milk
whipped cream
Hershey’s® chocolate syrup
1 maraschino cherry

Combine the first 3 ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice. Shake until frothy.

Decorate a tall glass internally with swirls of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup and strain the shaker mixture into glass without ice.

Top with whipped cream and garnish with maraschino cherry. Serve with a straw.

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Have a safe and wonderful weekend, Ya’ll!

Jul 22


Ops, We Missed

After a string of blockbuster earnings, Apple Inc. (APPL) felt the pain of falling short of elevated expectations. On Tuesday, the tech giant reported its profit surged 38%, helped by stronger demand for the company’s latest iPhones and robust growth in China. While Apple sold 35% more iPhones in fiscal third quarter compared to year earlier, sales missed some analysts’ expectations. Revenue also came in well below Wall Street projects spurring investors to wonder if Apple’s Wall Street darling days are coming to an end. Shares of Apple tumbled nearly 7% in after-hours trading, erasing $60 billion in the company’s market value.


Shares of LifeLock (LOCK), the identity protection company, plunged Tuesday after federal regulators accused the company of continued to mislead consumers about its service. According to the Federal Trade Commission, LifeLock did not set up a program to protect sensitive data like credit card numbers, Social Security numbers, and bank account numbers. That violates the terms of the company’s 2010 $12 million settlement with the agency. Lifelock has also continued, according to the FTC, to falsely advertise consumer’s data is under the same level of protection as financial institutions and that consumers are alerted as soon as the company discovers any potential problems.  Shares of LifeLock tumbled over 47 percent on Tuesday closing at $8.39.


Asia: Asian stocks closed mixed on Wednesday, as investors react to lackluster earnings from Wall Street and the continued fall of commodity prices.

Europe: European markets closed down on Tuesday as investor took profits off the table after nine straight days of gains.

U.S: U.S. shares closed lower on Tuesday after lackluster earnings from blue chip stocks put a tamper on investor’s summer fun. DJIA: -181.12 17,919.29 NASDAQ: 10.74 5,208.12 S&P: -9.07 2,119.21

Word of the Day:

Due Diligence:

An investigation or audit of a purchase or sale of a potential investment which servers to confirm all the facts.

Dinner or Drink:

Caribbean Grid Lock

1/2 oz. Mount Gay® Barbados rum
1/2 oz. Jamaican dark rum
1/2 oz. light rum
1 1/2 oz. lime juice
1 oz. orange juice


Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Strain into a sour glass.

Jul 21


Blackhawk Buy

It’s official… Lockheed Martin (LMT) is buying Sikorsky Aircraft, maker of Black Hawk helicopter and Presidential helicopters, for $9 billion. The purchase will help Lockheed Martin expand its mission systems and training unit. The deal is expected to close by year end.

Wrong Number

On Tuesday, Toshiba Corp Chief Executive Hsiao Tanaka resigned, a day after an outside investigation found him and other current and former executives of the technology giant bore the responsibility for the company’s recent accounting scandal. In a 300 page report published Tuesday, an independent panel said the company’s three most recent chiefs all played a role in inflating Toshiba’s operating profit by $1.22 billion since 2008. The panel found the chief executives put intense pressure on the company’s business units, ranging from personal computers to semiconductors and nuclear reactors, to achieve unrealistic profit targets and encouraged managers to cook the books. Toshiba’s current Chairmen, Masashi Mariachi, will serves as the company’s interim chief executive. Leave the cooking for the kitchen, guys!



Asian shares closed higher on Tuesday, as gains were paired by traders keeping an eye on dropping commodity prices.

Europe: European markets closed higher after Greece made its scheduled payment to the IMF on Monday.


U.S. shares closed slightly higher on Monday as investors digested corporate earnings. DJIA: +13.96 18,100.41 NASDAQ: +8.72 5,218.86 S&P: +1.64 2, 2128.28

Word of The Day:


A physical substance, such as oil, metals, or grains, which investors can buy or sell through futures contracts.

Dinner or Drink:

Tom’s Chopper

2 oz. vodka
2 oz. triple sec
200 ml cranberry juice

Stick it all in the blender with loads of ice, spin it up and serve with wedge of lime




Jul 20



Google, is already one of the largest companies in the world and on Friday it became the company that made one of the largest stock market moves ever. On Thursday, when the Internet giant reported strong second-quarter results, the company’s market capitalization was around $403 billion. On Friday, Google Class A (GOOGL) traded above $700 per share, pushing the company’s market capitalization up $65 billion to finish around $468.3 billion. Google’s Class C (GOOG) shares closed higher at $672.93, up $93.08. Google’s Class A shares climbed $97.84, closing at $699.62.

Yes, We’re Open

On Monday, Greek bank branches opened their doors after being closed for the last three weeks to prevent a banking system collapse. Capital controls, including limits on cash withdrawals and money transfers, remain in place. Depositors are allowed to bundle their €60 ($64.96) daily withdrawal limit over several days and take out a cumulative €420 at the end of the week. Basic services, such as making domestic payments, are now limited to in person instead of just online helping thousands who couldn’t access online banking. Customers will also now have access to their safe-deposit boxes again.


Asia: Asian shares traded mixed on Monday after week global cues and commodity prices took a tumble.

Europe: European markets closed higher on Friday, as the Greek debt drama seems to have calmed down for a bit.


U.S. markets closed mixed on Friday powered by a rally in technology companies. DJIA: -33.80 18,086.45 S&P: +2.35 2,126.64 NASDAQ: +44.96 5.210.14

Word of the Day:

Market Capitalization

Market capitalization is calculated by multiplying a company’s outstanding shares by the current market price of one share. Market Capitalization is used to determine whether a company is categorized as a small cap, mid cap, small/mid cap, or large cap.

Dinner or Drink:

Myrtle Bank Punch

1 1/8 oz. dark rum
1/8 oz. cherry brandy
1/4 oz. grenadine syrup
1 oz. lime juice
1 tsp sugar

Pour the dark rum, grenadine, lime juice and sugar into a cocktail shaker half-filled with ice cubes. Shake well, and strain into a highball glass almost filled with crushed ice. Top with cherry brandy. Garnish with slice of lime, and serve.

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Jul 17


No Ads

Online streaming provider, Hulu is exploring plans to add an advertising-free option to its service, as the streaming video provider tries to become a stronger rival to Netflix Inc. The potential move would be a significant shift in strategy for Hulu. Currently, the service requires users to sit through ad breaks during programming, even if they are paying $7.99 a month for its premium subscription service. Hulu’s rivals, Netflix and Amazon’s Prime Instant Video, highlights “no ads” as a key selling point to consumers. Rumor has it the ad-free option, priced around $12 to $14 a month, could launch as early as this fall.


Google (GOOGL) announced their Q2 earnings on Wednesday, giving Wall Street what it wanted. The world’s largest internet-search provider posted quarterly results, beating analyst expectations by a mile. Earnings were helped by stronger-than-expected revenue growth and tighter controls on costs. The combination of good numbers and tough talk from CFO Ruth Porat, sent Google shares soaring in after-hours trading to $674.01.



Asian shares ended their week positive after a good hand off from Wall Street and news the Germany parliament has agreed to allow Angela Merkel to negotiate a debt deal with Greece.


European equities finished higher Thursday after Greek parliament approved reform plans and the ECB extended its emergency funding for the country’s stricken banks.


U.S. stocks closed higher on Thursday, with the NASDAQ at a record high, as investors focused on earnings amid progress towards a resolution in Greek debt drama. DJIA: +70.08 18,120.25 S&P: +16.89 2,124.29 NASDAQ: +64.24 5,163.18

Word of the Day:

Closed End Funds

Very different from their kissing cousins mutual funds aka open end funds. These funds are traded on an exchange where their prices fluctuate according to supply and demand. Unlike an actual stock, when you purchase shares you are purchasing an interest in a specialized portfolio of securities which typically concentrates on a specific industry, geographic market or sector and is actively manage by an investment advisor.

Dinner or Drink:

The German Vacation Cocktail

1 oz. Jägermeister

1 oz. Flor de Caña 4-Year-Old Gold Rum

.75 oz. Domaine de Canton

.75 oz. Orgeat

.75 oz. Fresh lemon juice

Garnish:  3 dash Peychaud’s Bitters

Glass: Collins

Add all ingredients to a shaker and fill with ice. Shake, and strain into a Collins glass filled with pebble ice. Mound more ice on top like a snow cone and garnish with a few heavy dashes of Peychaud’s Bitters.

Have a safe and wonderful weekend, Ya’ll!

Jul 16



Earlier Thursday, Greek lawmakers voted to approve a harsh austerity bill, which had been demanded as a first step by the countries bailout creditors. The vote fueled anger in the governing Syriza party and led to a revolt by party members against the prime minister. The vote, which imposed sweeping tax hikes and spending cuts, came after an anti-austerity demonstrations by 12,000 protesters outside parliament degenerated into violence. The bill was the first step Greece must take before negotiations with creditors on a new bailout can occur.

Move On…

On Wednesday, during her semi-annual testimony in front of Congress, Chairwomen Yellen signaled the recent turbulence in Greece, China, and elsewhere is not threatening the U.S economy enough to divert the central bank from its plans to raise short-term rates later this year. She also indicated the Fed was more inclined to move rates up sooner and proceed slowly, as opposed to waiting a longer time and moving aggressively to catch up. Moving slowing, according to Yellen, will give the central bank more flexibility as it proceeds. Ready…Set…Go…



Asian markets closed mixed on Thursday despite Greece’s parliament approving a new austerity bill.


European markets closed higher as the world held its breath and waited for Greece to vote and unlock the possibility of a much needed bailout for the country.


U.S. markets closed slightly lower on Wednesday, as investors watched the developments in Greece before the countries historic vote. DJIA: – 3.41 18,050.17 S&P: -1.55 2107.40 NASDAQ: -5.95 5098.94

Word of the Day:

The Federal Reserve System (also known as the Federal Reserve or the Fed)

The Federal Reserve is the US’s Central Bank.   It was created on December 23, 1913, as a response to a series of financial panics.   The System consists of a seven member Board of Governors based in Washington, D.C., and twelve Reserve Banks located in major cities throughout the US.  The members of the board and the twelve Reserve Banks meet monthly to determine the country’s monetary policy at the FOMC meetings.

Dinner or Drink:

Greyhounds Cocktail

2 oz. VEEV Spirit

.5 oz. Aperol

2 oz.  Grapefruit juice

2 dashes Peychuad’s Bitters

Garnish: 1 Sprig of rosemary  Glass: Rocks

Add all ingredients to cocktail shaker and fill with ice.

Shake, and strain into rocks glass filled with fresh ice.

Garnish with a sprig of rosemary.

Jul 15


Fake Out…

Shares of Twitter (TWTR) spiked briefly on Tuesday, after a fake story reported the company had received a buyout offer of $31 billion. The fake story appeared on a website made to look like Bloomberg’s business news page. Twitters’ stock price spiked 8.5% in late morning trading before calming down after the story was confirmed fake. This is the second time this year a fake report has sent share of a company soaring. In May, Avon Products shares climbed as much as 20 percent higher on a fake bid for the company. Shares of Twitter ended the day higher, closing at $36.72 up $0.94.

Drug Deal

Celegene Crop. (CELG), maker of autoimmune drugs, announced Tuesday it will buy Receptos Inc. (RCPT) for $7.2 billion, in a move that will allow the company to dive deeper into the multibillion-dollar autoimmune disease market. Shareholders of Receptos, will receive $232 a share, a 12% premium to Tuesday’s closing price. The purchase will add a third autoimmune treatment to its line up currently offered to doctors and patients. Shares of the both companies closed higher on Tuesday.



Asian markets closed mixed on Wednesday despite better-than-expected Chinese gross domestic product data.


European equities closed higher as investors hope the Greek parliament will be able to pass the legislation needed to get a third bailout.


U.S. stocks continued their winning streak Tuesday, as earnings season seems to be running smoothly, Greece could be on the right road, and a slight recovery in oil prices.

Word of the Day:

Pink Sheets

A daily publication, literally published on pink paper, which is compiled by the National Quotation Bureau with prices of over the-counter (OTC) stocks, including the market makers who trade them. The companies quoted on the pink sheets, unlike those on a stock exchange, do not need to meet minimum requirements or file with the SEC.

Dinner or Drink:

Today we celebrate Birthday #2 with the first ever Dinner or Drink:

Twinkie Shooter

1/2 oz. creme de bananes
1/2 oz. white creme de cacao
splash of pineapple juice
splash of milk
whipped cream

Pour all your ingredients into a tin with ice, except for the whip cream. Shake and strain into a shooter glass. Spray the whip cream into the center of the shooter so that it feels the middle and a little comes out of the top so it looks like an upside down Twinkie.

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It’s been an amazing two years since we launch Before24. Thank you for all your support! Stay tuned we have some exciting changes coming around the corner.



Jul 14



Cable provider, Comcast (CMCSA), is rolling out a new $15-per-month streaming TV service aimed at Internet customers. Stream will include TV Everywhere, allowing customers to view programing from any device at any time; as well as Steampix, which offers on-demand streaming movies and TV shows. Subscribers will have access to watch their standard network channels, including ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC, and PBS and HBO. Steam will roll out to Boston by end of summer, and later this year be available in Chicago and Seattle. An early 2016 rollout is planned for the rest of the country.

Picnic Time

Jarden Corp (JAH.N) announced it will buy disposable tableware maker Waddington Group for $1.35 billion, adding a portfolio of brands that ranges from Sunbeam kitchen appliances to Coleman outdoor gear. Waddington, currently owned by private equity firm Olympus Partners, makes plates, cups, and cutlery. The deal is the second biggest in Jarden’s history after the company’s $1.75 billion acquisition in 2013 of candle maker Yankee Candle. The deal is expected to help Jarden boost distribution of its own products like Ball jars, Diamond plastics and Yankee Candles into food services markets.



Asian shares ended mixed on Tuesday after volatile returned to the markets and oil plunged on a possible deal with Iran.


Markets climbed on Monday after news broke Greece struck a deal with the Eurozone moving the country closer to unlocking new funding.


U.S stocks closed sharply higher after Greece and its creditors has reached agreement to talk about a third bailout program. DJIA: +217.27 17,977.68 S&P: +22.98 2,099.60 NASDAQ: +73.82 5,071.51

Word of The Day:


The purchase of a company’s shares which allows the acquiring party to gain controlling interest of the targeted firm. A buyout strategy is a common technique used by companies to gain access to new markets.

Dinner or Drink:

Mountain Stream

3/4 oz. aquavit
3/4 oz. vodka
3/4 oz. lime juice
7-Up® soda


Shake everything (except 7-up) with ice; strain into cocktail glass. Fill with 7-up


Jul 13



On Friday, some TD Ameritrade (AMTD) customers experienced delays placing orders due to a software glitch. The brokerage firm experienced an order-routing and messaging issue around 9:30am EDT on its Think or Swim platform. The issue, which was caused by a software update, was resolved in around 30 minutes and customers were quickly back to trading. Last week seemed to be the week for software glitches, with the NYSE experiencing a nearly four-hour outage on Wednesday. Gotta Luv Technology.

Flying High

Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT) is in advanced talks to purchase the Sikorsky helicopter unit from United Technologies Corp. (UTX). The deal is rumored to be worth more than $8 billion. If the deal reaches the $8 billion mark, it would be the biggest purchase for Lockheed since it bought Martin Marietta nearly 20 years ago. Sikorsky, is one of the world’s largest helicopters manufacturers and is best known for its Black Hawk choppers. The company manufactures military and commercial helicopters and is the Pentagon’s largest rotorcraft supplier by value. The purchase would provide a growth engine for Lockheed, whose revenues have remained essentially flat in recent years as the Pentagon has continued to cut their budget.



Asian markets soared on Monday, as investor continued to be optimistic Greece and its creditors are on the road to a bailout deal.


European markets closed higher despite Greece’s looming deadline Sunday.


U.S. markets ended the week on a positive note Friday. Investors cheered news Greek officials and the country’s creditors were moving closer to a deal. DJIA: +211.79 17,780.41 S&P: +25.31 2,076.82 NASDAQ: +75.30 4,997.70

Word of the Day:

Mexican Stock Exchange (MEX)

The countries only securities market. The Mexican Stock exchange is headquartered in Mexico City and is the second largest exchange in Latin America (after Brazil). The exchange is fully electronic, like its cousin the NASDAQ, and its main index is the IPC.

Dinner or Drink:

Tom’s Chopper

2 oz vodka
2 oz triple sec
200 ml cranberry juice
Stick it all in the blender with loads of ice, spin it up and serve with wedge of lime.
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Jul 10


Don’t Hate Me Because I’m Beautiful

Consumer Product giant Procter & Gamble (PG) has agreed to sell its portfolio of 43 beauty brands to rival Coty for $12.5 billion. The deal includes salon and retail hair products, like Nice and Easy and VS Salonist, as well a cosmetic and fine fragrances from Gucci and Dolce & Gabbana. The deal is part of P&G‘s effort to downsize, shedding more than 100 brands in favor of focusing on 10 core product lines. Coty, owned by European firm JAB Cosmetics B.V, sells skin care, fragrances, and cosmetics from brands such as Calvin Klein, Marc Jacob, OPI nail polish, as well as pharmacy beauty staples like Rimmel London, and Sally Hanssen. The deal will allow Coty entrance into the hair care market as the company has tries to build up its portfolio of products. Shares of both Coty and P&G closed lower on Thursday.

Curve Ahead

Ford Motor Co. (F) announced it will end production of its small Ford Focus and C-Max wagon in the company’s Michigan factory in 2018 and production will move outside the U.S. The move could pressure the United Auto Workers into tempering down their demands for wage increases in their upcoming contract negotiations with Ford. Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant, builds gasoline, electric, and hybrid versions of two of Ford’s cars. Currently the plant employs 4,400 workers. Shares of Ford closed down $0.04 on Thursday.



Asian stock continued their rally on Friday as Greece met its proposal deadline.


European stocks surged on Thursday, as investors gained back their risk appetite amid optimism Greece will reach a debt deal with creditors this weekend.


U.S. markets closed higher on Thursday. A possible deal in Greece and China back in the green had the world feeling right again. DJIA: +33.20 17,548.62 NASDAQ: +12.64 4,922.40 S&P +4.61 2,051.31

Word of The Day:


A taxable distribution of a portion of company’s earnings that are declared by a company’s board of directors and distributed to its shareholders at the declared date.

Dinner or Drink:

1 Lemon

2 tbsp. Sugar

9 oz. Dorothy Parker American Gin

6 oz. Aperol

9 oz. St-Germain

9 oz. Lemon juice

9 oz. Orange Juice

9 oz.  Grapefruit juice

.25 bottle Rosé Champagne (6 oz.)

Garnish: 1 Orange wheels   Glass: Pitcher

In a large pitcher, muddle the lemon peel and sugar.

Let stand for at least 30 minutes.

Add the remaining ingredients, fill with ice and stir briefly.

Garnish with orange wheels.

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Have a safe and wonderful weekend, Yall!



Jul 9



A technical glitch caused the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) to halt trading for nearly four hours. NYSE-listed stocks continued to trade on the NASDAQ composite index and other exchanges during the disruption, which began at 11:32 am. Wednesday’s glitch was the longest technology related halt in over two years and a black eye for Big Board operator, Intercontinental Exchange (ICE). The mater has already started drawing attention of regulatory authorities.  Several other companies experienced disruptive technical issues on Wednesday. United Airlines ground planes for almost two hours because of an issue with a router which limited connectivity to several of the company’s critical applications. U.S. government officials do not think the two incidents were related.


Microsoft (MSFT) announced Wednesday it will cut as many as 7,800 from its Nokia phone- headset unit in a bid to restructure its embattled phone hardware business. Microsoft purchased Nokia’s handset unit 14 months ago for $7.2 billion. The layoffs follow last month’s shakeup in senior engineering leadership and the decision by the company’s CEO to purchase cloud software and mobile makers while shedding units not key to his new strategy. Shares of Microsoft, like the overall markets, closed down on Wednesday.



Asian shares closed higher on Thursday, as Chinese markets finally seemed to settle down and get back on even footing, at least for now.


European markets closed higher Wednesday after Greece formally requested a three-year bailout from the Eurozone and pledged to start implementing some of the creditor’s demands.


U.S. stock tumbled on Wednesday after minutes from the Fed’s last meeting showed, even they are worried about how the situation in China and Greece will affect global growth. DJIA: -261.49 17,515.42 S&P: -34.66 2046.68 NASDAQ: -87.70 4909.76.

Word of the Day:

Asset Classes

A group of securities that have similar characteristics, behave similarly in the markets, and are subject to the same laws and regulations. The three main asset classes are equities (stocks), fixed-income (bonds), and cash equivalents (money market instruments).

Dinner or Drink:

Stop Light

3 shots vodka
1 splash Midori® melon liqueur
1 splash orange juice
1 splash cranberry juice


Line up three shot glasses. Pour 1 shot of vodka into each glass. Add a splash of midori to one, a splash of orange juice to another and a splash of cranberry juice to the third. Drink them down Red, Yellow, Green. It’s a stop light!

Read more: Stop Light recipe


Jul 8


Pack Your Bags

The world’s largest cruise company, Carnival Corp (CCL), announced Tuesday it has received permission from the U.S. government to begin setting sail to Cuba. The cruise company plans to begin cruising to Cuba in May 2016 under its Fathom brand, pending Cuban approval. The company’s Fathom brand is designed to provide “social impact travel” and “cultural immersion” for travelers and the destination community.  The seven-day cruise to Cuba will set you back $2,990 per person and will set sail from Miami every other week. Passengers will travel aboard the 710-passenger Adonia, part of Carnival Corp’s U.K brand, P&O. Shar0. Shares of Carnival closed higher, up $0.84 to $50.20.

You’re Fired…

Barely two month into his new job, Barclays Plc Chairman John McFarlene, fired Chief Executive Officer Antony Jenkins on Wednesday. McFarlene, who joined the bank in April, will take over as executive chairman while a search for a successor is conducted. Ousted CEO Anonty Jenkins took over the London-based lender in 2012 from CEO Robert Diamond after the bank was fined for manipulating benchmark interest rates. During his tenure, Jenkins set up a bad bank, eliminated thousands of jobs, and sold assets to bolster earnings. Unfortunately for Jenkins, Barclay’s board didn’t feel his cost cuts were deep enough or fast enough and decide two weeks ago he would need to go. Shares of the bank rose in early trading on the news.



Asian markets continued their downward spiral on Wednesday as China’s government Band-Aids continue to make investors questions market stability.


European markets closed sharply lower on Tuesday as investor concerns grow over Greece’s negotiations with its creditors will drag on without a debt plan.


U.S. shares closed higher on Tuesday after a choppy trading session. Investors eyed development in the Greece debt drama while anticipating the upcoming corporate earnings season.  DJIA: +93.33 17,776.91 S&P: +12.58 2,081.34 NASDAQ: +5.52 4,997.46

Word of the Day:

Bad Bank:

A separate bank which is set up to buy the bad loans of the bank. By transferring the bad assets of an institution to the bad bank, the banks clears their balance sheet of the toxic assets. Shareholders and bondholders stand to lose money from this solution, but not depositors. Banks which become insolvent as a result of the process can be recapitalized, nationalized or liquidated.

Dinner or Drink:

Beach Bum Bob

1 oz. amaretto almond liqueur
1 oz. Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1 oz. Malibu® coconut rum
1 oz. vanilla vodka
1 oz. half-and-half

Shake ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into glass.

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Jul 7


Happy Birthday

To help celebrate its 20th Birthday next week, mega e-retailer Amazon (AMZN) is declaring July 15 “Prime Day”. The one-day event will offer shoppers “more deals than Black Friday”. The company hopes the event will not only reward its 40 million current Prime members but, will also woo new ones to pay the subscription fee for a host of shopping perks and access to Amazon’s streaming media libraries. Prime Day will start at midnight PST July 15 and will include 24 hours of exclusive pop up sales every ten minutes on electronics, video games, clothing, toys and more.

Rising Prices…

Your Starbuck’s (SBUX) addiction will cost slightly more starting Tuesday. The company announced it will raise its drink prices slightly to cover rising costs including wages and rent despite a fall in raw coffee prices. Most of the Seattle based company’s beverages will go up by 5 to 20 cents and effect mostly prices for tall, venti, and grande brewed coffee. Food prices will not be effected. The price increase represents the first on these items in two years.



Asian markets closed mixed on Tuesday, rebounding from yesterday tumble, as investors are skeptical China’s slew of new market rescue measures will work.


European markets tumbled on Monday as the world reacts to Greece’s “No” vote.


U.S. shares tumbled on Monday weighted down by sliding oil prices and the continuing drama in Greece. DJIA: -46.53 17,683. 58 NASDAQ: -17.27 4991.94 S&P: -8.02 2,068.76

Word of The Day:

Master Limited Partnership (MLP)

MLP’s are a type of limited partnership that is publicly traded. There are two types of partners in this partnership: The limited partner is the person or group that provides capital to the MLP and receives periodic income distributions from the MLP’s cash flow. And the general partner who is responsible for managing the MLP’s affairs and receives compensation which is linked to the performance of the venture.

Dinner or Drink:

Cowboy Coffee

2 Dark roast coffee beans

2.5 oz. Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey

.5 oz.  Demerara syrup

2 dashes Angostura Bitters


Garnish: 1 Lemon peel and coffee bean  Glass: Champagne flute

In a shaker, crush the coffee beans.

Add the remaining ingredients and fill with ice.

Shake, and fine strain into a chilled Champagne flute.

Squeeze a lemon peel over the drink and garnish with the peel and an additional coffee bean

Jul 2


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs….

The Labor Department released their monthly jobs report on Thursday, a day early because of the July 4th holiday. According to the report the economy added 223,000 in the month of June and the unemployment rate is at 5.3%.

Pay Up, Buddy

PayPal Inc. has agreed to buy digital money transfer provider Xoom Corp (XOOM) for $890 million as the company expands into a growing international market. The move will help the company expand into countries like Mexico, India, and China ahead of its planned spinoff from eBay (EBAY). Currently, Xoom has 1.3 million customers and a presences in 37 counties. Xoom allows customers to transfer money via their desktop, mobile phones, and tablets. Shareholders of Xoom will receive $25 per share in cash, a 21 percent premium over Wednesday’s closing price of $20.70. The deal is expected to close the last quarter of this year.



Asian markets closed mixed on Thursday as investors wait on the jobs reports out of the US.


Europe markets closed higher on Wednesday after hope was renewed a Greek deal may be somewhere in the future.


U.S. shares closed in the green on Wednesday as investor celebrated a solid jobs number from the U.S and remained optimistic Greece and its creditors will strike a deal. DJIA: +138.40 17,757.91 S&P 500: +14.31 2,077.42 NASDAQ: +26.26 5,013.12

Word of the Day:

Treasury Yield

The return on investment on the U.S. government debt obligation (bonds, notes, and bills) expressed as a percentage.

Dinner or Drink:

Declaration of 76 Punch

1/2 Bottle of Deep Eddy Lemon Vodka

1/2 Bottle Of Deep Eddy Ruby Red Grapefruit Vodka

1/2 Bottle Of Pavan Liqueur

1/4 Bottle of Barrow’s Intense Ginger Liqueur

1 Bottle of Marco Polo

100% Natural Blueberry Juice

1/2 Bottle Of Enza Sparkling Rose

1 Pint of Blackberries

1 Pint of Blueberries

1 Pint of Raspberries

1 Orange Sliced

1 Lime Sliced

Combine all ingredients in a large punch bowl except the Sparkling Rose, orange and lime slices Chill in the fridge for 2-3 Hours To serve top with Sparkling Rose . Float orange and lime slices on top. Serve in glasses of your choosing ( I prefer a nice big pint glass! ) over ice. If you’d like you can also buy some extra berries and make skewers to garnish your drink!!

Have a happy and safe 4th of July, Ya’ll!

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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

On Wednesday, payroll processer ADP released their monthly jobs report. According to the report the private sector added 237,000 jobs in June. Now the world will wait for the second jobs report out on Thursday.

We Want You

Business insurer Chubb Corp. has agreed to a buyout by ACE Ltd., in a cash and stock deal worth $28.3 billion. Chubb holders will receive $62.93 in cash along with 0.6019 shares of ACE. The deal represents a 30% premium over Tuesday’s closing price. ACE shareholders will own 70% of the new company and ACE chief executive will lead the combined company. The transaction is expected to close during the first quarter of next year.

Buy, Buy, Buy

Insurance broker Willis Group Holdings (WSH) announced Tuesday it will buy human resources consulting firm Towers Watson (TW) for $8.7 billion. The move will help Willis grow it advisory business. Towers Watson shareholders will receive 2.65 shares of Willis and a one-time dividend of $4.87 for each share of Towers Watson. Towers Watson offers consulting and services in health insurance, retirement packages, and executive compensation. Willis sells insurance products, including accident insurance, weather, property, and product recalls. The merged company will domicile in Ireland gaining some tax benefits. The deal has been approved by both companies’ boards and is expected to close by the end of the year. Shares of Towers Watson fell on Tuesday while shares of Willis rose.



Asian markets closed mixed on Wednesday as investors digested Greece’s IMF default.


European markets continued to fall on Tuesday as the world weights to see what the future holds for Greece.


U.S. Markets rebounded Tuesday after a last minute diplomatic scramble continued to save Greece. DJIA: +23.16 17,619.51 S&P: +5.47 2063.11 NASDAQ: +28.40 4986.87

Word of the Day:

Blue Chip Stock

A nationally recognized, well-established, and financially sound company. Blue Chip companies generally sell high-quality, widely accepted products and services. They are known to weather downturns and operate profitably in the face of adverse economic conditions, which help to contribute to their long record of stable and reliable growth.

Dinner or Drink:

Martha Washington Punch


9 oz  Flor de Caña 4-Year-Old Gold Rum

12 oz Appleton Estate Extra 12-Year-Old Rum

6 oz Grand Marnier

9 oz Fresh lemon juice

9 oz Fresh orange juice

9 oz Spiced Simple Syrup%

6 oz Club soda

Garnish: Nutmeg Lemon half wheel Orange half wheel

Glass: Punch

Add all the ingredients except the club soda to a pitcher or other container and stir to combine.

Refrigerate until cold.

Place a large ice block into a punch bowl (or fill halfway with large ice cubes).

Add the prepared mixture and the club soda, and stir.

Garnish with lemon and orange half-wheels and grated nutmeg.

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