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Jan 30

In The News:

Cutting Down

On Thursday morning, Royal Dutch Shell (RDS-B) became the first of the four giant integrated oil companies to announce its quarterly results. The oil company posted improved profits compared with the last quarter; however, profits didn’t meet analysts’ expectations. [Continue reading...]

Jan 29


In The News:

You’re Fired …

Amid declining sales, menu changes, and a drop in traffic, fast-food company McDonald’s announced on Wednesday that President and Chief Executive Don Thompson will step down, effective March 1. [Continue reading...]

Jan 27

In The News:

Viva Phone Home…

On Monday, AT&T (ATT) took another step toward world domination by agreeing to buy Nextel Mexico for $1.88 billion. The Dallas-based telephone giant will close on its first major Mexico purchase, Group Iusacell SA, this month, propelling it to the third-largest carrier in the country, with 9.2 million subscriber. The Nextel deal will add three million subscribers to AT&T in Mexico. [Continue reading...]

Jan 26

In The News:

Blue Christmas…

On Friday, Big Brown, aka United Parcel Service (UPS), surprised Wall Street with the announcement that preparations to handle last year’s holiday rush cost the company $200 million more than expected. The company now expects adjusted fourth-quarter earnings of $1.25 per share, well below the $1.47 expected by analysts. [Continue reading...]

Jan 23

In The News:


Its official: on Thursday, the European Central Bank (ECB) made history by kicking off its first major stimulus program in the hope of breathing life back into the Eurozone’s flat lined economy. [Continue reading...]

Jan 22

In The News:

Good News, Bad News…

On Wednesday, American Express (AXP) reported a fourth-quarter profit of $1.45 billion, or $1.39 a share, better than the analysts were expecting. That was the good news. The bad news… the credit card giant reported a rise in expenses and provisions for loans that could go sour. The company announced a large restructuring plan that includes 4,000 job cuts company-wide over the course of the year. [Continue reading...]

Jan 20

In The News:

It’s Back…

Big Box retailer J.C. Penny (JCP) is bringing back its famous catalog, six years after killing it, to attract online customers. The move may seem a bit bass-ackwards. However, studies show that shoppers are purchasing more items, ranging from sofas to cars, but they still like to browse through low-tech, paper and ink artifacts. The new, 120-page book will feature items from Penny’s home collections and will arrive in selected customers’ mailboxes in March. Penny’s, in years past, was famous for their huge catalogs, sometimes over 1000 pages, which were published three times a year. Unfortunately, the stock market wasn’t as excited as this potential catalog customer, as shares closed down on Friday.


Last week was a bad week for banks, as most reported disappointing earnings.  Early in the week, J.P Morgan Chase, Citibank, and Bank of America all reported earnings that disappointed investors. Their lower revenue was caused by sharp drops in fixed-income, currencies, commodities trading, and legal fees. Goldman Sachs (GS) continued the trend when they announced on Friday. Shares of Goldman Sachs closed down $1.26 Friday after beating analyst estimates by a smaller margin than usual.

In The Markets:


Asian markets closed higher on Tuesday as China’s fourth quarter GDP beat expectations.


European markets closed higher on Monday as investors looked forward to Thursday’s European Central Bank (ECB) meeting, at which the bank is likely to announce their version of QE.


U.S. markets closed higher on Friday, halting a five session losing streak, as investors bet that the Fed will not make any sudden rate hike moves in the near future. DJIA:+190.86 17511.57 S&P: +26.75 2019.42 NASDAQ: +63.56 4634.38

In Word Of The Day:

Activist Investor

An individual or group which purchases a large amount of a company’s shares and or tries to obtain seats on the company’s board with the goal of effecting major change in the company. A company can become a target for an activist investor if it is mismanaged, has excessive cost or another problems an activist investor thinks they can fix to make the company more profitable.

In Dinner or Drink:

Ink Drop

1/2 oz Captain Morgan® Tattoo orange rum
1/2 oz Stoli® Razberi vodka
2 oz Red Bull® energy drink

In highball glass, pour Tattoo and Razberri Stoli, and then pour in Red Bull. May be served as tall shot or on rocks as mixed drink.

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Jan 16

In The News:

Closing Up Shop…

Thursday, Target (TGT) announced the company is closing up shop in Canada. The cause, according to Chairman and CEO Brian Cornell, the company was unable to find a realistic scenario where the 133-stores in Canada would become profitable before 2021.  [Continue reading...]

Jan 15

In The News:

Rumor Mill…

Reuters reported on Wednesday that Samsung Electronics recently offered to buy BlackBerry Ltd. (BBRY) for as much as $7.5 billion, seeking the phone maker’s valuable patents as it battles Apple (APPL) in the corporate market.  According to sources, the two companies’ executives met last week to discuss a potential transaction.  [Continue reading...]

Jan 13

In The News:


In an effort to cut costs, United Airlines (UAL) is pondering whether to outsource jobs at airports around the country, a move which could impact 2,000 workers. On Monday, the Chicago-based carrier informed its employees they are looking at outsourcing jobs, including baggage handlers, gate agents and customer service agents. The jobs are located at 28 airports, ranging from Atlanta to Anchorage, that are not hubs for the airline. The potential outsourcing marks another step closer to meeting the carrier’s 2013 goal of cutting costs by $2 billion annually. Stay tuned, a decision has yet to be made.

Bats Attack

Bats Global Markets has agreed to pay a $14-million penalty to resolve claims made by the SEC, which contends the Direct Edge markets didn’t accurately portray how orders to buy and sell stocks were handled. The settlement, larger than the $10-million fine against NASDAQ for its mishandling of Facebook, followed a multiyear SEC investigation into key facets of modern markets including the electronic instructions used to trade securities, aka order types.[.1]  In the past, humans matched up requests to buy and sell stocks; however, thanks to improved technology, transactions are now usually filled by computers. Critics contend this new system is poorly understood by anyone except the most sophisticated traders. The SEC investigation didn’t find impropriety in the actual trades themselves but in the sliding price functionality, which was not completely and accurately disclosed by BATS.

Let It Begin….

Earning season kicked off on Monday with Alcoa Inc. (AA) reporting a fourth-quarter profit thanks to strong grown in the company’s automotive and aerospace and a rebound in prices for raw aluminum. The New York-based aluminum maker posted profit of 11 cents per share, or $159 million, compared to a loss of $2.19 per share, or $2.34 billion, over a year ago. For the year 2014, the company posted a net profit of $268 million, compared to a $2.3 billion loss in 2013. Analyst credit the profit to the company’s turnaround strategy which has created a more multifaceted company.

In The Markets…


Asian markets closed mixed on Tuesday, as investors weighed a better-than-expected trade report from China against the continued fall of prices in the global oil markets.


European stocks started the week on a high note as the ECB’s bond-buying scheme appears to be taking shape.


U.S. markets closed lower on Monday as falling oil prices and their overall effect on the economy continue to weigh on investors’ minds. DJIA: -96.33 17640.84  NASDAQ: -16.55 2028.26 S&P: -16.55 2028.26

In Word Of The Day:


The difference between the expected price of a trade, and the actual executed price of the trade. Slippage often occurs during periods of higher volatility, when market orders are used, and when large orders are executed when there may not be enough buyers at the desired price level to maintain the expected price of trade.

In Dinner or Drink:

Flying Cows

1 oz. tequila
1 oz. vodka
1 oz. rum
1 oz. brandy
1 oz. Kahlua® coffee liqueur
1 sliced banana cream

Add liquors and banana to a blender with half a cup of crushed ice. Add cream to taste. Blend until smooth. Pour into a highball glass, and serve.


Jan 12

In The News:

Soft Wages…

On Friday, the Labor Department released its monthly jobs report for December. The report showed that the U.S. economy added 252,000 jobs in December, topping the estimate of 240,000 by most analysts. The report also revised upward November’s jobs created to 353,000 and October’s jobs created to 261,000. [Continue reading...]

Jan 9

In The News:

Jobs, Jobs, Jobs….

On Friday, the Department of Labor announced their monthly NFP (Non Farm Payroll) report. December report showed the economy added 252,000 and the unemployment rate is 5.6%. We will have a full recap on Monday.

Off Brand

Big Box retailer Macy’s Inc. is thinking about starting an off-price business for its namesake brand as Americans remain value-conscious despite the recent holiday-sales season being on track for the strongest in three years. On Thursday, the retailer, who already operates outlet stores for its Bloomingdale’s chain, announced it was forming a team to explore options for creating a cut-price version of Macy’s. Over the past several years retailers have been racing to open outlet stores, seeking to attract budget-minded consumers as traffic at many full-price stores, like Saks Fifth Ave and Nordstroms,

Closing Time….

J.C Penny (JCP) announced Thursday it will close 39 stores and lay off 2,250 workers in the spring. The announcement comes on the heels of a stronger-than-expected holiday sales numbers. While it might seem a bit strange for a store to announce closures while ridding on a wave of holiday momentum, J.C. Penny says it continually evaluates and makes changes to its store portfolio no matter what the season.  After the spring round of closures, Penny’s will have around 1,020 locations in 49 states and Puerto Rico. Shares of the company rose on Thursday closing at $7.95.

In The Markets:


Asian stock markets closed out their week higher on Friday, as investor basked in the sunshine of Thursday’s U.S market rally while steady oil prices provided some support.


European markets closed higher on Thursday, as investors continue to place bets the ECB will start their version of quantitative easing this month.


U.S markets rallied on Thursday, with the Dow Jones climbing triple digits. Steady oil prices along with dovish comments made by Federal Reserve member had investors flipping the buy switch to on. DJIA: +323.35 17907.87 S&P 500: +36.24 2062.14 NASDAQ: +85.72 4736.19

In Word Of The Day:

NFP Report (Non Farm Payroll)

The monthly non-farm payroll (NFP) report is a key economic indicator. It represents the total number of paid workers in the U.S. minus farm employees, government employees, private household employees and employees of nonprofit organizations.


In Dinner or Drink:

Closing- Time Kool Aid

4 oz. vodka
4 oz. Blue Curacao liqueur
4 oz. Decoyer® Cheri-Beri Pucker schnapps
4 oz. triple sec
4 oz. 99 Apples® apple schnapps
8 oz. Kool-Aid®


Mix in pitcher with ice. Pour into glasses.

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Jan 6

In The News:

Inside Job…

Data from 900 clients of wealth management firm, Morgan Stanley (MS), were stolen and briefly posted on the Internet. Morgan Stanley has fired the employ and notified regulatory authorities and law enforcement.  The employee reportedly was trying to sell the data. The wealth management giant first notice the breach on December 27 in a routine check of suspicious [Continue reading...]

Jan 5

In The News:


Rumor has it…

First rumor of the New Year… troubled Internet portal Yahoo (YHOO) is looking to purchase CNN or another media outlet. A media source over the weekend reported Yahoo wants to buy CNN from Time Warner (TWX) for $5 billion to $6 billion. The source also reported the search engine giant could be looking to purchase Scripps Networks Interactive, owner of the Food Channel. Any potential accusations is seen as a get out of jail free card for the search engine giant, who has failed to bring substantial shareholder value. Yahoo CEO, Melissa Meyers, has spent most of the last two years on a buying spree, so it is likely she is looking for her next target. Oh 2015, what do you have in store???


BMW has agreed to pay 5.1 billion yuan ($820 million) to Chinese auto dealers after they pressured the company to share in the cost of overstocked showrooms in the world’s largest car market. Continued decline auto sales brought demands from dealership groups who purchased large quantities of vehicles on the expectation of rapid growth. Several other foreign automakers such as Toyota Motor Corporation are also in compensation negotiations with their Chinese dealers.

In The Markets:



Asian stocks closed mixed on Monday, as last weeks slew of sluggish manufacturing surveys released across Europe and Asia curbed investors risk appetites.


European shares closed mixed on Friday after disappointing manufacturing data from Europe, U.S, and China.


U.S stocks ended flat on Friday with the S&P 500 down for a third session. An economic report, which showed manufacturing slowing but still in expansion mode, spooked investors. DJIA: +9.92 17832.99 S&P 500: -0.70 2058.20 NASDAQ: -9.24 4726.81

Word Of The Day:


January Effect

A rally in stock prices which occurs during the month of January. The rally is generally attributed to lower stock prices that typically occur in December when investors seek tax losses to offset capital gains.

Dinner or Drinks:


China Blue

4 oz. grapefruit juice
3/4 oz. lychee liqueur
1 1/4 oz. Blue Curacao liqueur

Fill a Collins glass almost to the top with ice. Pour all three ingredients over ice, stir gently and serve. Can add grapefruit, lemon, or lime wedge. Can also add a cherries to garnish.


Jan 2

In The News:

Bird Breach…

Wednesday, Chick-fil-a announced a possible credit card breach. The fast food chain is currently working with law enforcement to look into potential unusual activity involving card payments at a few of its locations. The chain did not detail the extent of the possible breach or the number of locations affected. The company did disclose it was made aware on December 19 there was limited suspicious payment card activity appearing to have originated from payment cards which were used at a few of the chains restaurants. Chick-fil-a will let customers know more details as they become available, adding if the breach is substantiated customers will not be liable for the fraudulent charges. The company will also pay for identity protection services to those customers which were affected.


General Motors (GM) announced its first recall of 2015 bringing the grand total to 84. GM, announced on Thursday it is recalling 92,221 full-size trucks and SUVs for a defect in ignition lock systems that can cause safety problems in hot conditions. The recall covers 2007-2014 models of the Chevrolet Silverado, Avalanche, Tahoe and Suburbans; GMC Sierra, Yukon, Yukon XL; Cadillac Escalade, Escalade ESV and Escalade. The recall is for vehicles in U.S., Canadian, Mexican, and exported vehicles.

In The Markets:


Asian markets closed mixed on the first trading day of 2015. Light trading volume, as several markets are closed, along with the no real economic news had investors extending their New Year vacation.


European shares closed higher on Wednesday despite weaker data from China and the continued decline of oil.


U.S. markets ended 2014 on a down note as investors took profits before the New Year. DJIA: -160.00 17823.07 S&P 500: -21.45 2058.90 NASDAQ: -41.38 10839.24

In Word Of The Day:

Long Position

A security such as a stock, commodity, or currency, which an investors buys with the expectation the asset will rise.

Dinner or Drink:

Kickin Chicken

1/2 oz. Bacardi® 151 rum
1/2 oz. Wild Turkey® bourbon whiskey


Pour equal parts of each ingredient into a shot glass, and shoot.

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