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Jun 30

In The News:

Together Forever…
London Stock Exchange Group Plc (LSE) has agreed to buy Frank Russell Co., a unit of Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co., for $2.7 billion. The purchase will help bolster the company’s FTSE International Ltd. business. The purchase should help the LSE expand its index and exchange-traded fund businesses. [Continue reading...]

Jun 27

In The News:

Pay Raise…

IKEA will announce on Thursday that the company will raise the minimum wage for thousands of its retail workers, pegging raises to the cost of living in each location instead of to local competition. The raise will take effect January 1. Roughly half of IKEA’s 11,000 hourly workers will get the raise, as it will vary based on the cost of living at their particular IKEA location.  The potential 17 percent raise marks the Swedish furniture chain’s biggest in 10 years in the U.S.​


Towards the closing bell on Friday, you may see a surge in volume as Russell Investments, a subsidiary of Northwestern Mutual, announces its annual rebalance of its signature indexes. The rebalance affects more than $5 trillion in assets. The annual rebalance requires asset managers to potentially adjust their portfolios to align with Russell’s indexes, such as the Russell 3000, which represents most of the publicly traded companies in the U.S., or the small-cap Russell 2000. Credit Suisse (CS) anticipates that on Friday about $42 billion will trade as a result of the rebalance.

In The Markets:


Asian markets closed lower on Friday after yesterday’s comments from a Federal Reserve member indicating interest rates may hike sooner than expected.


European stocks fell Thursday, pulled down by remarks form a Federal Reserve official saying he foresees a change in interest-rates sooner than later.


US markets followed the trend Thursday closing lower after St. Louis Fed President James Bullard suggested interest rates could rise sooner than later. DJIA: -21.38 16846.13, NASDAQ: -0.71 4379.05 S&P: -2.31 1957.22

In Dinner or Drink:

Captain Russell G Martini

2 oz. Calabrese style hand squeezed Clementine juice
1 oz. Patron Citronge orange liqueur
1 oz. Absolut® vodka
Italian Rosemary sprig

Mix Well

Word Of The Day:


A type of security which signifies ownership in a corporation and represents a claim on part of the corporation’s assets and earnings. Stocks are also sometimes referred to as Equities.

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Jun 26

In The News:

Potential Problem…
On Wednesday, General Motors (GM) advised its North American car dealers to stop selling recent models of the auto giant’s Chevrolet Cruze sedan until further notice. The automaker found an issue with the inhalator module in the vehicle’s driver side airbag. It seems new or used Cruzes’ airbags may have been assembled with an incorrect part. [Continue reading...]

Jun 25

In The News:

Quiet Change…

Pioneer Natural Resources Co. (PXD) of Irving, Texas, and Enterprise Products Partners LP (EPD) of Houston will become the first two companies in four decades to export an ultra-light oil known as condensate to foreign buyers. Federal officials informed the two energy companies that they could legally export condensate overseas to buyers who will eventually turn it into gasoline after the Obama administration quietly cleared the way. [Continue reading...]

Jun 24

In The News:

Beauty Cost Cuts…

Avon Products Inc. (AVP) will reduce its headcount by an additional 600 positions as part of the beauty products company’s continued cost saving efforts. The cut will be felt in its corporate staff and North America business. The cutbacks are part of a broader $400 million multiyear restructuring program. [Continue reading...]

Jun 23

In The News:

Expensive Jo…
On Friday, Starbucks (SBUX) announced the company will have to raise prices on some of its drinks offered in its US shops along with upping the price of its packaged coffee sold in supermarkets. The announcement comes weeks after J.M Smucker announced it would raise prices for its Folgers and Dunkin Donuts brand for the first time since 2011. The price increase, which ranges from 5 to 20 cents, will take effect on June 24 at Starbucks’ more than 7,100 company-owned U.S. stores. The price increase for some drinks, such as the chains grande brewed coffees, will be the first in almost 4 years.

Don’t despair… not all prices for Starbucks coffee are going up. Some of the chains most popular drinks like their grande latte, tall brewed coffee and Frappuccino will stay the same price in most stores. Shares of Starbucks closed down $ 0.63 on Friday.

We’re Back On…
The French government over the weekend agreed to buy a slice of Alstom, maker of the countries trains and other nifty things, from its leading shareholder, Bouygues. Under the agreement, the government will buy shares held by Bouygues at a discount to their market rate, with a minimum price of €35 ($47.60). The move should clear the way for General Electric (GE) to complete its bid for the company. The French government had warned it wouldn’t sign off on GE’s acquisition of Alstom until it had bought most of Bouygues’s stake in the company. The government’s intent is to become Alstom’s biggest shareholder allowing it to maintain control over the company and helping make decisions like where or in what country jobs would be created and keeping close tabs on politically sensitive technology such as turbines for nuclear plants the company makes.

In The Markets:

Asian markets started the week off mixed despite China’s Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) showing expansion for the first time in six months.

European markets closed slightly higher on Friday as investor’s contemplated M&A activity and the ongoing tensions in Iraq.

U.S markets closed out their week with modest gains as investors continued basking in the glow of last week’s Fed meeting. Friday’s gains pushed the S&P 500 and Dow Jones to it’s the latest string of record closings. DJIA: +25.62 16947.08 S&P 500: +3.39 1962.87 NASDAQ: +8.71 4368.04

In Dinner or Drink:

French 68

1/4 oz. brandy
3/4 oz. Calvados® brandy
1 dash grenadine syrup
1 dash sugar syrup
1/4 oz. lemon juice
4 oz. Champagne

Shake all ingredients (except champagne) well over ice cubes in a shaker. Strain into a champagne flute, slowly fill with champagne, and serve.

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Word of The Day…


The People’s Bank of China (also known as the PBOC or PBC):
The PBC is the central bank of China, and controls both the regulatory and monetary policy for mainland China. The bank was established on December 1, 1948, and is based in Beijing. The People’s Bank of China has the most financial assets of any single public financial institution.

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Jun 20

In The News:

Closing Time…
Coach (COH), the New York-based luxury handbag maker, announced that it is planning to close around 70 of its underperforming stores in 2015. Coach has been grappling with weakness in its North American handbag and accessories market for a while, as consumers increasingly choose to flock towards rivals such as Michel Kors. CEO Victor Luis told investors Thursday that the chain is at a crossroads and hasn’t responded well to competition. [Continue reading...]

Jun 18

In The News:

Phone Home…
On Wednesday, Amazon (AMZN) is expected to reveal its first ever smartphone, featuring a display designed to respond to users’ eye movements and capable of displaying three-dimensional images. [Continue reading...]

Jun 17

In The News:

College Bound…
Howard Schultz, Starbucks (SBUX) CEO, announced that he has started a new innovative program to send company employees to college. The plan, named “Starbucks College Achievement Plan,” will grant workers who meet a criteria the opportunity to attend online class through Arizona State University. [Continue reading...]

Jun 16

In The News:

Reservations, Please…
On Friday, Priceline (PCLN) purchased restaurant booking service OpenTable (OPEN) for about $2.6 billion in cash. The purchase should broaden the online travel giant’s offerings into a new field as some of its more established brands mature. [Continue reading...]

Jun 13

In The News:

Ford motor company (F) has admitted they overstating the fuel-economy ratings on six 2013 and 2014 models. The company has agreed to pay owners as much as $1,050 to compensate for underestimating their fuel costs. This is the second time within a year the Dearborn, Michigan auto maker has admitted to overstating. [Continue reading...]

Jun 12

In The News:

Gloom and Doom
On Wednesday, the World Bank announced it has cut its global growth forecast for 2014. The cause of the cut: weaker outlooks for the U.S., Russia and China, while calling for emerging markets countries, like Brazil, to strengthen their economies. The World Bank, the Washington-based lender, predicts the world economy will expand 2.8% this year, lower than the 3.2% they predicted in January. The forecast for the U.S was reduced from 2.8% down to 2.1%. The forecast could be temporary because you never know what the rest of the year may bring. Investors and the markets didn’t take the cut well, as the Dow Jones tumbled triple digits on Wednesday.

We’re Watching You
Facebook (FB) will announce on Thursday plans to expand the information it draws upon to target advertisements to users by including data about their Web-browsing habits. In the coming weeks the company, will share these browsing histories with advertisers to help target users more effectively. The social media giant gathers such data by placing lines of code on users’ computers, collecting information on the websites they visit. Until now, the company has kept the data only for security reasons. Some privacy advocates have voiced opposition, characterizing the decision as one in a string of recent moves that compromises user protections.

In The Markets:

Asian shares fell on Tuesday amid concerns about this year’s global growth and rising violence in Iraq.

European stock markets dropped on Wednesday from multi year highs after several companies issued profit warnings.

US markets tumbled on Wednesday after the World Bank cut its global outlook and the news top Republican leader Eric Cantor lost his bid for reelection. Both had investors wondering what the future will bring for the economy.

In Dinner or Drink:

Around The World
3/4 oz. dark rum
1/4 oz. cognac
1 1/4 oz. orange juice
1 oz. sweet and sour mix
1/4 oz. creme de noyaux
8 oz. crushed ice

Pour rum, cognac, orange juice, sour mix and creme de noyaux into a blender with one cup of crushed ice. Blend until smooth, pour into a wine goblet, and serve.



Jun 11

In The News:

Shooting For The Moon…
Google (GOOG) took another step toward its quest for information and the means to deliver it into the universe. On Tuesday, Google agreed to buy satellite start up Skybox Imaging Inc. for $500 million in cash. [Continue reading...]

Jun 10

In The News:

Money, Money…
Amazon (AMZN) officially launched its online payment service on Monday called Amazon Payments. The company’s newest product is aimed toward small businesses and start-ups with subscription recurring payments with customers who may be reluctant to give credit card information to an unknown company. [Continue reading...]

Jun 9

In The News:

Price Hike…
Kraft (KRFT), the maker of Maxwell House and Yuban brands, joined Smuckers (SJM) on Saturday announcing it has raised prices on some of its ground coffees for the first time in more than three years. The recent price increases are due to a spike in Arabica coffee prices this year which are now trickling down to consumers. [Continue reading...]

Jun 5

In The News:

Shhh… It’s a secret…
On Wednesday, (AMZN) announced it will hold a launch event in Seattle on June 18. Hmm…What could Amazon possibly be launching…its own smartphone maybe??? [Continue reading...]

Jun 4

In The News:


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs…

It’s the first Wednesday of  the month and the first of two jobs reports this week are out. According to the ADP, private sector jobs report the economy added 179,000 which was below the estimate [Continue reading...]

Jun 3

In The News:

Good News with a Dose of Oops…
On Monday, the ISM (Institute of Supply Management) released its monthly PMI (Purchasing Managers Index) showing American factories gained momentum throughout the second quarter of the year despite an uneven global recovery. Manufacturing activity accelerated for the fourth consecutive month in May with the manufacturing sector index rising from 54.9 in April to 55.4 in May. [Continue reading...]

Jun 2

In The News:

Standing Alone…
On Friday Time Inc. will become a stand-alone company from its parent Time Warner (TWX). The magazine is going out on its own at a time when traditional magazines face increasing competition by online media for both readers and advertisers. In 2011 and 2013 Time Inc.’s ad revenue fell 6%, while circulation revenue fell 11%, bringing total revenue down 8.8% to $3.35 billion. During that same period operating profit shrank 41% to $330 million. [Continue reading...]

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